The best location tracker app for parents


Every parent is worried about their children and therefore they want to ensure safety near their child every time. But parents cannot be there every time with children because everyone has their works. This app helps you in tracking the kid’s location and managing the live location of your child. Location tracking app has been the most reliable parental app which has more hearts of parents.

The FamiSafe parental control app contains the features like parental controlling and location tracking with real-time location sharing and location history tracking also with location history checking. This app also contains a feature like geofencing or geofence set by the parents.

Awards won by FamiSafe location control app

The app has got the best family-friendly product by mom’s choice award because of ensuring full safety by simple applications by this location tracking app. It has also been awarded by the 2020 NAPPA winner by the national parenting products award. FamiSafe parental control and location tracking app also have a seal of approval winner award in the list of the dignity of itself which is awarded to it by the national parenting center.

Cultivating healthy digital habits in children

The generation of today’s world is on the Internet and the kids are now more digitally enhanced than their parents. The kid which is growing up in this digital age needs all the independence before attaining a mature age. But the kids do not understand the strange and uneven things happening in the surrounding. The parents have to help them in cultivating healthy digital habits.

Location tracking app helps parents in getting the current location of the child and this app has A GPS in them which helps the child in cultivating good habits. When the kids secretly leave school without getting permission from the parents and even when the kids skip classes the parent could be notified easily with the help of a location tracking app.

Useful features for parents from parental control app and location tracker

• The best feature provided by the application is location tracking. Location tracking contains the features like knowing the live location of the child. The live location refers to the exact and accurate geographical state of your child. This is also shown on the map.

• The next feature provided by the application is history checking. You can check the location history timeline with the help of this application. The location of up to one month can be shown on the location history timeline settings in this app.

• The major feature of the app is geofencing. Geofencing is mainly a boundary that is created by the parents for the safety of their child. The location control app helps the parents for getting a safer surrounding for their child. If the parents choose the locations where their child should visit then there could be no harm to their child.

• When the child enters any Geo-fenced area by the parents or leaves the area then the parents get an instant alert provided by the application to the device of the parent.

Pricing plans by FamiSafe location control app

The premium plans given by the location tracking app to you are very audible and can be subscribed to by every person. It just contains a monthly charge of $9.99 month and even gives you 5 devices to attach with the other device. The annual or yearly package given to you by the location tracking app is about $4.99 per month which makes a sum of $59.99 per year and especially, gives you the connectivity of about 30 devices with the main device. The best of the premium pack is of the quarter payment by the location control app. the quarter payment costs about $6.66 per month which could be $ 19.99 per quarter. This also gives you the connectivity of 10 devices with the main device.






FamiSafe parental control app and location tracking app Is the most rested up by the parents. This is the best parental control app for smartphones, androids, iOS, Mac, and even windows. These apps can help you in keeping an eye on your offspring. It is essential to know where your kids are now by the parents. This location control app can track the physical location of the kid and can find it on the geographical map. Parents which are tight on a budget should consider this application for limiting the areas visited by their child and even ensuring their safety. So, if you are serious about getting your child to ensure safety then you can easily serve your child with this application. It provides the great design of the application and even excellent location tracking and getting location history.

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