The Five Best VPN Providers 2020

When you are searching for the best internet provider, it can be a pain. To get the best price, benefits, and contract length, you sometimes must shop around for days and weeks. With a VPN service to supplement your internet service, this is no different. Each provider offers a varied selection of perks, speeds, features, and prices that can make them desirable than each other.

This often leads to the grueling process of sifting through each provider’s websites and analyzing each company’s offers, prices, and speeds to try and decipher which one provides the best deal. It can often seem like they have used their encryption services on their deals. Some have vague and meaningless terms; some make promises that they simply cannot keep, and others have fine print stipulations that can turn a good deal sour.

Review sites like VPNetic do a really good job of comparing hundreds of operators and sorting out the ones with bad terms, bad service, and bad privacy.

We used their top list to narrow it down even more, in order to help with your quest for a great deal. We have worked our way through all the best VPN providers around in 2020 and compiled a top-five list of the best providers. Simply have a look at what these providers have to offer and see if any of these offers work for you.

1. Express VPN

Here we have the provider that is probably the most well-known on the list. Express VPN offers a service that can support up to five devices at once, uses over 3000 servers, works on all desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, offers round the clock support lines. Plus, this offers a thirty-day trial period for those that are not completely sold on the product at face value.

In terms of price point, Express VPN has a very reasonable price with one month costing $10.84, six months costing $8.36 per month. Then real savings come through a yearly subscription that costs only $5.58 per month.

Then in terms of what this service can do. The user can unblock Netflix in any country you choose. Users can make bitcoin payments, connection with little to no latency, industrial-strength encryption is provided, and this service offers P2P support. It is a great product that you should really consider.

2. Surfshark

Next, we have Surfshark. This is a service that provides deals that are perfect for large households with multiple devices. This service boasts the ability to accommodate unlimited users. Plus offers 24/7 support services, a 30-day trial offer, and over 1700 servers in over 100 different locations. Making it a smaller operation that the above listed, for example, but still very respectable.

This service really shines when it comes to its pricing, with prices starting at $9.49 per month. Then a half year will cost you $4.79 per month. Then finally, for the full two-year subscription, users will only have to pay a measly $1.64 per month, An absolute steal.

Surkshark is admittedly a more basic VPN provider, though for many that work to its benefit. With a simple and easy to understand interface. This basically allows you to pick your connection, your desired location, and then get on with your browsing with no confusion or fumbling around with additional options. This is the perfect VPN for those on a budget, large households, or VPN newbies. If this sounds like you, then consider this option.

3. IPVanish

This provider offers a step down in terms of servers, locations from the last two entries. However, this service not only reflects this in its prices. It also offers several interesting and useful features into the bargain. This service has around the clock support, a 30-day trial offer, and is able to support all mobile and computer systems.

In terms of price, this VPN offers the lowest on this list yet with an outstanding one-month package for just $8, a six-month package for $7.20 per month, and an incredible year-long deal for $5.20 per month. It is hard to argue with those low prices.

This is a budget option that, aside from some mild usability issues, really delivers on quality. Along with the fact that this company manages and runs its own servers, plus has a few configurable apps to support the service. It is a VPN that really packs a punch at a low cost.

4. NordVPN

Then we have the market leader in VPN providers, Nord VPN. This product has been improved on and refined to match all competitors and best them in most areas of service as well. This service has over 5300 servers, making it easily the largest operation on this list. It offers up to six devices per package. Not to mention a 30-day trial offer and 24/7 support where needed.

The pricing for this service undercuts the other big-name Express VPN on this list, making it not only a more feature-heavy product but a cheaper one into the bargain as well. The monthly subscription starts at $9.20; a half-year deal is set at $5.38, and the two-year package is set a $2.68 per month. Although not quite as cheap as the likes of Surfshark or IPvanish, Nord still offers a reasonable price tag and offers so many more features than their competition.

The main selling points for Nord is its massive server pool, making its performance in terms of download, upload, and connection speeds unmatched. It also offers great support, quality mobile, and desktop clients. Plus, encryption software that is top-notch. Going for the biggest and best is not always the way forward. Though with Nord, it just might be.

5. Hotspot Shield

Then lastly, we have a hotspot shield. This VPN has a respectable number of servers and locations. Allowing for decent connection speed. The service supports up to five devices at once and has round the clock support services though a feature that may catch the eye of more indecisive customers is that this offers a longer trial period, which lasts 45 days. Perfect for those that really want to test the product fully before investing.

Prices for this VPN start at $10.99 per month, which admittedly is of poor value. The one-year plan is $6.99, which is slightly better value. However, the real value comes through the three-year deal with offers the service for $2.69 a month. So those that are willing to make a big investment will reap the rewards of big savings.

This is a great and competent service that is perfect for internet browsing securely at fantastic speeds. It’s not a premium service by any means but more of a mid-tier option that does its job well. The long trial offers customers a chance to test if the product is for them and allows them to assess if the three-year plan is worth investing in. If long term options with big savings are high on your list of demands. Then this VPN is for you.