The Most Useful Apps For Windows 10


Sometimes there is a problem with finding quality software for the PC, given that the specifications are an order of magnitude lower than the desktop counterparts. We have prepared a list of undemanding applications for Windows 10, which will be equally useful not only for owners of weak PCs, but also for tablet owners.

Code Writer

First of all, this program is a text editor, designed for programmers and specialists from the IT field. The application works and highlights the syntax of such languages like Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, Ruby, and so on. For some languages, autocorrection, syntax error search, etc. functions work.

The application has a very convenient code formatting: duplicating a certain line, assigning comments, the ability to change the case of individual pieces of code, and so on.

The program easily works with several codes from different documents at once. And if you take a short break from work, all modified files are marked. This may be useful in cooperation with this website.

Very flexible settings allow you to adjust the application for yourself. Need to highlight spaces? Please: the function to highlight spaces and the current line. Need to change the encoding or turn off unused functions? No problem either.

The program is freely available (no internal purchases also), but to work with this editor, your device must be Windows 10 version of Fall Creators Update.


This is an interesting program for tracking the battery charge. With it you can control the power consumption of the gadget either independently or automatically.

The application has great functionality that allows you to create a variety of power management schemes, set up notifications, assign priority to the execution of certain commands and so on. Besides flexible settings, you can always check the battery status with the built-in diagnostics, while saving the result in a text document.

BatteryMode is completely free.


Simple, but externally beautiful file manager that allows you to open popular archives, PDF documents, and Microsoft office with built-in tools. FluentFileExplorer also allows you to synchronize with cloud storage such as OneDrive, Box, and others.

You can customize the appearance of your file manager to your liking. Here, in addition to many built-in themes, you can create new ones yourself, change transparency, and more.

The program provides a free 7-day demo version and then asks you to buy the full version for $6.89.


Maximum simple torrent program. Can not only receive but also send files via magnets and torrent files. The application has almost no settings, except for assigning priority to downloaded files and the ability to limit the speed when working with each individual torrent.

You can get data about each torrent by its status, download parameters, sids, feasts, etc.

The program has only English localization but is completely free.


The popular diagnostic software for computers now works on all gadgets that have Windows 10 or Windows Phone 8.1 installed. The official website also has versions for Android and iOS.

In fact, something to tell about it makes no sense. Just download and watch.

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