The Netherlands Based Domino’s Pizza franchises to offer their Employees their Salaries in Bitcoin

If you think of pizzas, the first place that attracts you is the popular food store Dominos. The food company is the largest food chain when it comes to pizzas in the world. Now, we hear something interesting about one of the franchises of Dominos delivering and selling pizzas in nations like the Netherlands. Yes, you heard it right; we now hear that a few franchises in the said country have offered their employees to receive salaries in the form of Bitcoin.


The franchises were seen announcing on 22nd May, which also happens to be a Bitcoin Pizza Day. The day commemorates the young software professional called Laszlo Hanyecz, who, on this particular date in 2010, procured two pizzas from a leading store in the US for 10K bitcoin. Imagine the value of the total number of the digital currencies he paid 11 years back to procure two pizzas. However, the young man has no regrets for the same. The sites like Bitcoin Freedom can vouch for this fact; why not check it out there.

So, at one end, we have the story we hear too often every year on this particular date. We have some interesting stories about a particular Domino’s Pizza franchise from the Netherlands announcing that they would be giving their salaries in the near future to their employees in bitcoin and digital currencies. So, this was one of the celebrations they did on Bitcoin Pizza Day when we also heard that some incredibly crazy pizza groups also sold out slices to their consumers for free to celebrate this day.

Well, now talking about the news of the said franchises of Dominos in the Netherlands, they said they had kept the choice open before their employees, stating that if they wish, they can get their salaries in bitcoin. As per the company Immensus Holding, which is the said franchisee of the pizza brand, has announced about the same in the market.

The company holds 16 pizza stores in different locations in the country, and Holland has around 270 different franchises of Dominos in the country. The employees now have to decide whether they wish to get their salary either in Euros or in Bitcoin. This will cover all the minimum wage employees to get this option, while others would get in their regular ways in which they used to get earlier. As per the company BTC Direct, which deals with bitcoin and other digital currencies, would be taking care of the pizza brand in the country.

They will be handling the payments done in digital currencies that are to be done for 1000 employees when it comes to choosing to participate in it. Talking about the same, we have seen the company claiming that they are a modern group in the market and they want to attract their employees towards bitcoin. Jonathan Vurvich, who remains the co-owner of the franchise, said that they have been in talks with the digital currency-based firm in Holland for the same.

He calls this to be an opportunity for the youngsters in Europe, while Dutch Law claims that the minimum wage to the employees in the country should be given in Euros, while the rest of the salary can be given in bitcoin, which would be like pocket money for the employees.

Talking about the same, the co-owner of the said company claimed that it is interesting to announce the news to the media on the day, which is also the 11th anniversary of the transactions taking place between a young software professional to a pizza store for procuring two pizzas. He said that things were getting into the final shape this month and week that made them decide to announce this news on this particular day.

He called this today to be big for the pizza food industry as they got involved in a transaction using bitcoin; hence this day is called the Bitcoin Pizza Day. But at the same time, we have seen the drop of Bitcoin going down by 30K the same day when the particular day is celebrated.

While talking about the calculation part, he said the bitcoin would be calculated as per the USD and then transferred to their electronic wallets. Thus he said the other benefits to the employees would remain the same except the fact that the money beyond the minimum wage would now go in the form of a bitcoin unit provided the employee chooses to accept the same.