Things to Consider While Selling Your Car

Have you finally decided to sell your old car? Well, selling a car is a time taking process which needs patience; but with that, it also requires planning so that you could get a good price.

There are multiple things that you need to consider before you sell your car. The most important aspects which need your consideration are as follows:

Paperwork and Documentation

You need to have all the essential documents related to your car in your hand. In case of selling your car to an independent buyer, it’s your responsibility to do all the paperwork! Selling via a dealership spares you from paperwork as it is handled by them.

The requirement of documents varies in different counties, but generally, the sellers need to provide their vehicle’s registration certificate, sale’s bill, an odometer certification, vehicle’s title, service history documents, and other specific documents as determined by the state.

Condition of your Car

First Impression is the Last Impression! The vehicle’s presentation is an extremely important aspect. If your car has excellent technical features, but it looks all dull and dusty, then most of the buyers are likely to turn off your offer. So, you need to give your car a gleaming curb appeal. Get your car cleaned and washed properly, fix the mechanical faults and dents, remove all the trash and unnecessary items, clean out all the windows and mirrors.

Some buyers might want to have a test drive, so make sure you have gotten your vehicle mechanically inspected and serviced, it’s routine oil changed, and there’s no glitch.

Method of Sale

You need to decide the way to sell your car that is most convenient for you. Following are the methods by which you could sell your car:

Sell via Dealership

It’s the most simple and convenient approach that saves you from the hassle of paperwork and customer hunting, but it earns you less money.

Sell To A Private Party

You could earn a handsome and desired amount by selling to an independent buyer. However, you need to be careful as it might be risky because you’re going to deal with a stranger.

Third-Party Service

If you want to avoid interaction with the dealers or buyers, then hiring the services of a third-party is the appropriate approach. You could either go for classified ads or online marketing forums.

Market Value

Before labeling your car for sale, you need to know the actual market value of your vehicle. For that, you have to visit the market or consult a car dealer or check out classified ads. The market value of vehicles depends on your car’s model and mileage. Moreover, you need to study market trends as well. Summers are the best time to put a sale for a sports car or convertible, while SUVs and vans are always in demand!

Pricing and Negotiation

The sale depends on your pricing and negotiation. Fixed price is a big no since most of the buyers tend to negotiate the quoted price. Always ask for a little more than you want!

Moreover, the figures also play a psychological role. For example, the product displayed for $999 attracts buyers more than the one that costs $1000.

As for negotiation, communication is the key! When you quote your price, you should convey the customer if there’s room for any negotiation. Also, you must be prepared to respond to the buyer’s offers and questions.


After you have taken care of the above-mentioned factors, now it’s time to craft an advertisement. You are going to have competitors who might be selling the same model as yours. That’s why your ad should be well-written to stand out! Write an exciting title, add photographs, write details about vehicle features like mileage, total runout, etc. and be honest.


Visual images create a lasting impact on users! When you are marketing your vehicle, you definitely need some captivating snaps of it. So, choose a photography spot, and capture pictures of your car from every angle. Make sure you have posted multiple pictures of your vehicle in the ad; that includes pictures of its potential parts like tires, engine, seats, meters, etc. This will attract customers to buy your vehicle.

A lot of people often ask the question, ‘how do I sell my car at the best price?’ Well, if you know the right strings to ring, nothing can possibly go wrong. Selling your car is not as difficult as you may think it is. Just take care of all the important factors, and you are good to go!