Three Best Fragrant Lilies to Plant in Your Garden

Pleasant color, interesting pattern, the unusual shape of the flower — these are the features that attract gardeners to lilies. This flower is simply impossible to bypass since it has an incredible aroma. What varieties of lilies can be planted in the garden? Let’s find the answer.

How to Choose Fragrant Lilies

Not all lilies have a strong smell: some species have been deliberately deprived of aroma during selection as it can cause allergic reactions. Asian lilies smell the least: they have almost no aroma. By the way, you can find lily bulbs for sale from Holland on

If you have no allergies detected, pay attention to the following aromatic lilies:

  • Oriental — these flowers look spectacular on any flower bed. Their smell is very intense; they are the most fragrant lilies in the garden.
  • Trumpet — these lilies have a more delicate scent. They are often of white, yellow, or pink colors. Their appearance is unusual and stylish, so they are often used when creating bouquets.
  • LA and LO hybrids — this variety is known for its light tropical aroma. Even indoors, such lilies are unobtrusive, which is an advantage over oriental hybrids.
  • OT-hybrids — this group includes varieties of fragrant lilies with the calmest and most delicate aroma. It does not appear immediately, but only 2-3 days after flowering.

When choosing a variety of fragrant lilies, one needs to consider the height, size, and color of the flower. The variety of names will surprise even an experienced gardener.

The Best Varieties of Fragrant Lilies

Among the many varieties of lilies, it is so difficult to choose the most beautiful. They all deserve a place in the garden. However, the limited space does not allow to plant many of them. These types deserve your special attention:

1) Mero Star Lily

This oriental plant of about 1 m in height has a rather strong smell. Therefore, you can place the Mero Star lily in the middle of the flower bed. One plant can produce up to 15 buds at a time. Therefore, you can enjoy their rich aroma for a long time.

2) African Queen Lily

This wonderful LO-hybrid should be planted in a flower bed. It has a moderate but very pleasant smell. The small number of flowers (3-5) is more than compensated by a unique, bright orange color. The height of the plant can reach 1 m, so the flower is ideal for both cutting and garden decoration.

3) Pink Perfection Lily

This tubular lily has a romantic pale pink color. The plant grows very tall and reaches 120 cm in height. It contains up to 15 flowers, which have a large size — up to 20 cm in diameter!

When choosing and planting lilies with a strong aroma, you need to determine in advance whether the flower will please the eye only in the garden or be used for cutting. Place the plants in the most visible places to enjoy the pleasant smell as often as possible.