Three Reasons Why Borgata Might be the Sportsbook for You

When it comes to sports betting, there is unquestionably nothing more crucial than finding the best “sportsbook” – which is very simply the name for any company that places sports bets on your behalf – for your needs. Trying to find a good sportsbook isn’t as easy as you may at first have thought, though. Far from it. The market is growing, which is, of course, a good thing, but that makes it all the more difficult to locate the truly awesome sports betting options among a sea of very average and sometimes woeful options that are out there. And, of course, when it comes to putting your hard-earned cash on anything requires a certain level of security and reliability if you are to have any sort of peace of mind every time you place even a modest bet.

The size of the sports betting market in the US is rapidly and exponentially expanding – far beyond what anyone could have imagined as little as just five years ago. Barely a month passes without a new state passing legislation allowing mobile betting, and that is great for sports betting enthusiasts as it means that the number of regulated options in each state grows, therefore meaning users can bet with confidence, rather than trusting to luck by signing up with offshore services. This means no worrying about the exchange rate, dodgy regulatory bodies, and lack of recourse with less honorable vendors overseas.

So why is the respected sportsbook brand, Borgata, widely considered to be the very best of the bunch? Well, if you reside in a state where Borgata is licensed (and they are currently available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania), then there are three key reasons why they are head and shoulders ahead of the competition.

Enticing Welcome Offers

Each and every sportsbook will offer a welcome bonus of some kind, it’s their best way of attracting your business and rewarding you for choosing them above their competition, but Borgata’s efforts in this area are simply exemplary. The Borgata sportsbook promo code offers you a stunning introductory offer that equates to a risk-free bet worth as much as $600.

One of the big drawbacks with these introductory offers, though, is that they often come with confusing language and tons of fine print, ensuring that you can’t make much use of them – certainly not anywhere near what they offer upfront. Not here, though. Getting these bonuses and offers is simple, and the language used by Borgata in explaining these bonuses is down-to-earth and straightforward. What you see is what you get. Far too many sportsbooks offer plenty but then when you dig deeper or read the small print, you realize that the offers that are being presented aren’t quite what you thought they were.

Borgata doesn’t seek to confuse its users and is very direct in its approach, which makes it a far more genuine environment for new sports betting users.

Exceptional Betting Market

If you are a novice to sports betting as so many new US-based online bettors are, then it’s likely you might want to start your journey in a particular sport, one that you know well, and on this front, Borgata is excellent. Sports betting is, let’s not forget, about mixing a game of chance with a carefully considered, strategy that is very much dependent on your knowledge of the game in question. Fortunately, Borgata has most of the major sports covered so you can pick and choose which sports and on what games you want to test your best knowledge – and what kind of bet you actually want to place. When it comes to betting on the NFL, for instance, there are hundreds of options when it comes to types of bets, and that makes it a far more interesting experience.

The kind of bet you wish to place largely depends on how big a risk you want to take and how much you understand the ins and outs not just of your favorite sport but of sports betting in general. For those who are more experienced, for example, there is the option to spread your betting activity far wider, opening up niche sports or events that are far afield – but this probably wouldn’t be the best if you’re just starting out. On this front, Borgata also has you covered. Basically, we couldn’t find a single event that wasn’t covered, and it makes each and every visit to the site a whole new opportunity for users, especially as they grow in knowledge and confidence.

Expansive VIP Loyalty Program

The best sportsbooks don’t only look to reward new users; they also make sure to give their existing players an abundance of promotions and offers to help create a loyal bond. This, as much as an excellent user experience, is key to bringing back returning customers and rewarding them for their constant and hopefully consistent business. Borgata does this, in particular, with aplomb. When you sign up, you automatically qualify for their M Life rewards scheme, which is run in conjunction with the MGM Resorts international brand, which brings you rewards both online and in the real world.

You start on the Sapphire tier, and every action you perform on the Borgata sportsbook will see you earn points. The tier points lead you to various promotions and awards, but this isn’t what makes Borgata truly unbeatable. No, what does that is that some of these rewards are available outside the confines of the sportsbook, such as tickets to events and discounts at retail shops. This is the sign of a very progressive sportsbook, and the rewards you earn via Borgata are clearly way above most of their competitor thanks to their smart and fully integrated partnership with the world-famous MGM Resorts.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve ever had the inclination to put down cash on your favorite sports; to put your money where your mouth is on a heated showdown between your favorite player or team and their biggest competitor, Bogart has you more than covered.