Tips on How to Survive a Car Accident After a Hit and Run

A collision where the driver of the other car leaves the scene is known as a hit and run. There’s no known reason why the driver of the other vehicle would leave the scene. Perhaps, it is because they are anĀ uninsured or underinsured motorist. So, what do you do if another driver hits you a vehicle and please? Here are a few tips on what you do if they should ever happen to you.

valtercirillo (CC0), Pixabay

Steps to Take If Someone Hits Your Vehicle and Flees the Scene

The first thing you should do if someone hits your vehicle and please to see is to call 911. You should do this even if no one was hurt in the collision. Once you know that law enforcement is on the way, you should then write down any information about the collision that you can remember. Things like the color of the car the make of the car and the license plate number should be written down. Even if you can only remember part of it, you should still write it down.

The next thing you should do is to take a look around and see if there were any witnesses to the accident. Ask the people nearby you if they saw what happened. And if you are able to find any witnesses, make sure that you write down their contact information. This way, both law enforcement, and the insurance company will be able to contact them for information.

Be sure to take some photos of the area and your car after the collision. Take photos of any damage to your car. You can do this with your cell phone camera. If you can tell that paint from the other driver’s car was transferred onto your car be sure to take a close-up photo of that. This can be used as evidence.

It’s also important that you report the hit and run to law enforcement within 24 hours. Keep in mind that a hit and run is considered a criminal offense. Therefore, it is critical to report it as soon as possible. After you report the incident to law enforcement, you may be asked to go down to the police department or to a collision reporting center. If law enforcement should advise you that the damage is too minor to report, make sure you take down the police officer’s name and badge number. This way your insurance company can follow up with them. If you don’t report the accident to law enforcement, your insurance company may view the incident as an at-fault loss. An at-fault loss may result in your insurance premiums increasing. That is something you definitely don’t want to happen.

Be sure to call your insurance companies emergency 24/7 service line no matter what time the collision card. You’ll need to be prepared to provide as many details as you possibly can. Give as many details as you can. This way, your insurance company can process your claim as quickly as possible.

Does your Car Have Coverage for a Hit and Run?

If you happen to have collision coverage, then you are definitely covered for a hit-and-run accident. However, if you don’t have collision coverage, you’ll have to go out of pocket yourself and pay for the damages to your vehicle. And if the other driver is found and happens to be either uninsured or underinsured, they will have to go out of pocket for your vehicle repairs.

If a witness can identify the operator of the other car that struck your car, you may be covered if you have direct compensation property damage insurance. You can find this information on your insurance policy. It won’t be listed under the collision section. It will be listed under the DCPD section.

Keep in mind that you will still have to pay the deductible if you make a hit-and-run claim to your insurance company. The deductible that you have to pay will be listed underneath your insurance coverage. But if you have DCPD coverage, there is no deductible. That’s the good news. Some insurance companies also offer a deductible waiver for a hit-and-run accident. Check your insurance policy to see whether or not you have this endorsement. If you do, the deductible will be waived due to the hit-and-run collision. And that means you won’t have to pay your deductible.

So, you’ll likely wonder if your insurance premiums will go up due to a hit-and-run collision. Simply put, a hit-and-run accident should have no impact on your insurance premiums. As long as you’ve reported it to the police and your insurance company, it is considered a no-fault incident. If your insurance premiums do increase, it is likely not related to the hit-and-run collision. There are other existing factors that may cause your insurance premiums to go up. Just give your insurance company a call to find out.