Tobacco – Its History and Alternatives

The mention of tobacco often rings a bell, but it is not always a positive indication. Most people perceive it as the “substance people get high on” or “the addictive, harmful chemical.” However, that is one mistaken side of the picture and a grave injustice to tobacco. It is an extract from a family of plants Nicotiana genus, and it has a rich history, types, and uses. It exists in different kinds that you can consume with various methods to achieve the euphoric effect.

ColiN00B (CC0), Pixabay

Chewing tobacco is one such kind. The leaves of the tobacco plant are fermented, sweetened, flavored, and then rolled into little pellets or bits that can be easily chewed. Though tobacco has several unique benefits, if you do not want to continue it for some reason, you can always find other options like chewing tobacco alternatives. Whether you wish to try it or are only curious, learning about tobacco can go a long way.

An Overview of Tobacco

The recorded use of tobacco dates back to 5000 BC, but there was little record-keeping before that. Experts believed that it was cultivated in several places in the world even before that. People used it for all kinds of medical, psychological, and religious purposes. For instance, tobacco was helpful as a pain killer for toothache, it was sometimes used for labor pains, and the big leaves of the plant were effective as a bandage to protect the wounds. They also had healing properties, so there was no need to apply other ointments.

After Columbus found it in 1492, a chain of discovery began because several sailors from European and Portuguese areas took it back to their homeland, and the widespread cultivation began.

Alternatives to Tobacco

Though tobacco has a rich history and has many benefits, these are often overlooked. When the legalization and regulation of tobacco began in different countries worldwide, people felt the need for safer alternatives. Some companies volunteered to satisfy the customers and designed a product that does not depend on tobacco leaves but has the same thrilling taste.

There are several smokeless alternatives, and unlike the traditional ways, they do not rely on cigarettes for consumption. You can consume them directly by sniffing, chewing, inhaling, or eating.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an excellent alternative, especially if you want to wean off tobacco addiction. It only has organic ingredients as it is also an extract from the Cannabis plant, but there is no nicotine. However, there is usually THC mixed in it, so you can still achieve a good feeling. If you have pets, you can benefit from CBD for dogs, strengthening their immune system, preventing cardiac problems, increasing their appetite, and helping them sleep soundly. CBD is available in different forms in the market, like gummies, oil, and cream. The method of consumption is easy and varies with their form.

There are also dry snuff alternatives with a powdery form since they include the leaves of a safer plant mixed with sweeteners, flavors, and nicotine. These undergo the same process of fermenting, curing, and sweetening.