Top 5 Cheats at Poker

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Want to learn how to cheat a poker? Well, we wouldn’t recommend it. Not only is cheating illegal but casinos do not take kindly to that sort of thing. If you’re after something a bit more informative on the idea itself, this is a list of the top 5 most creative ways we’ve seen anyone cheat at poker.

5. Cheat Code

This one is a special case and was never used in personal poker but given it was so successful; I think it still deserves a place on the list.

This was a cheat created by notable Poker player Russ Hamilton. After winning several games and making a few million, Russ elected to become a consultant for the online Poker network Ultimate Bet; this is where his star really shines. Russ had access to software that allowed him to see his opponents’ hole cards. This meant he could see his players face down cards and maneuver around them, this tactic as sneaky and underhanded but frightfully effective.

It was initially thought that Russ got away with $6.1 million but after reviewing it, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission moved that estimate up to $22.1 million. Russ has since said he had no intention to “make it right.”

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4. Collusion

This is working with someone else, either at the table or maybe even the dealer themselves to ensure that they had a greater knowledge of what was happening across the table. This allows the player to gain the upper hand in a few different ways. The dealer can help them with the grift and give them better cards, or a nearby player can help with a series of hand signals or gestures to inform you of their cards to give you a better chance.

3. Counterfeit Chips

This one sure is cheeky. For this, the player needs to gain access to identical chips and successfully bring them into the casino. Christian Lusardi successfully brought an additional 2.7 million chips into play. Purchased from a Chinese manufacturer and then branded with the fake logo.

2. Marked Cards

Be in the home poker game you play with your buddies in your basement or even the big casinos themselves, in Romanian players Valeriu Coca case at least, you are able to mark cards. It’s definitely easier at home. You can tint the cards slightly, alter the shadings or even use luminous marking so the marks can only be seen with special sunglasses.

1. Electronic Devices

You almost have to give the cheater a pat on the back for coming up with something so convoluted. It works by using a camera that reads a barcode that’s been printed onto each edge of the cards. It then tells you whatever order the cards are in and a program can relay that information back to you so you can enact its suggestions and win the game. The best part of this is that the marks are completely invisible to the human eye; you could never even know the opponent was cheating.

There we go. Here were some of the most creative ways to cheat at Poker and it goes to show you can never be too careful while in a game. If you think something isn’t right, talk to someone. The game is supposed to be fair and won with skill; people who cheat those rules ruin it for everyone else.