Top 5 Trending Interior Design Themes Right Now

Some are the epitome of a “dedicated follower of fashion” and will only wear a style, color, or brand if the fashion designers, influencers, and A-list celebrities endorse them.

Others, however, choose to wear anything that allows them to be comfortable and feel confident and instead direct their attention to interior design. If you belong to this latter group, this article is for you.

Continue reading to discover the top five trending interior design themes right now.

white ceramic bathtub

1. Neoclassicism

Firstly, showcased in large pieces of furniture and vast pieces of artwork, to smaller items such as ornaments and dining sets, there has been one huge shift toward reigniting the flame of neoclassicism.

Neoclassicism is a formal design framework and is based on detail and symmetry; it is generally recognized to be the descendant of modernism and, therefore, blends seamlessly with other styles.

2. Stone Borders & Trims

If you’re looking for a less drastic change to your home’s décor to ensure you’re in line with the latest fashions, then you need to know about stone trims.

Stone borders and trims are not only highly fashionable. Still, they are also the ideal way to finish off a windowsill or door frame, especially if you paint them yourself or order pre-painted trim in a complimentary style to the paint or paper on the walls.

3. Statement & Stained Glass

Following on from the luxurious impact of a room or an entire property designed with neoclassicism in mind, another high-impact trending style is related to stained and statement glass.

The interior designers in Milan and Paris are leading this trend. They are credited with bringing this spiritual element to a wider audience and taking inspiration from the cathedrals and churches scattered around both cities.

4. Oversized Soft Furnishings

Another trending design choice prevalent in both the homes of fashion-forward members of the public and the collections of professional interior designers alike is a shift toward statement and oversized soft furnishing items.

Particularly in bedrooms and living rooms, 9×12 rugs featuring statement designs and even in bright block colors are fashionable and set to remain that way for the future; they also save homeowners on heating bills.

It’s not only rugs that are becoming bigger and better right now; so too are cushions, throws, and blankets on the bed and the couch, as long as they’re in colors and designs that complement each other.

5. Statement Lighting

Lighting is one of the most highly saturated sections of the world of interior design. As such, you can bet your bottom dollar that as each new season approaches, there’ll be another particular style of fixture or fitting on-trend.

Currently, as an expansion of neoclassicism, pendant lighting and chandeliers are popular in both modern apartments and traditional buildings alike. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to entirely transform the aesthetic impact of one room, installing a chandelier in the center of the ceiling is certainly a fashionable choice.