Top Travelocity Coupons & Promo Codes

Finding Travelocity coupons is not easy. This is why we have done in-depth research on the available coupons to give you the best deals for use. Our recommendations will see you save more on your travel and stay budget. If this is what you are looking for, then this is your right place. Let’s dive into the coupons and see what they have to offer you.

Travelocity Coupons

Promo CodeDiscountExpiration
TRAVELOCITY1010% off select hotels with a promo code1st August to 30th September
WANDER75$75 off select flights and hotels1st August to 30th September
WANDER150$150 off select hotels and flights1st August to 30th September
H87630135% Off Avis Car RentalAugust to September 30
SAVENOW10% off select hotels12:01am CST, June 18, 2018 to 11:59pm CST, September 30, 2020.
Us the link to the site10% Off Hotels All Year w/ Travelocity Compass MembershipN/A
Lifeworks20$20 Off Select HotelsN/A
S754600Up to 30% Off Avis Car RentalEnd of September 2020
APP1515% Off Your StayOngoing
Use the link for sign upExtra 50% Off Select Hotels When You Sign Up Or Create an AccountOngoing
D420001Up to 25% Off Budget Car RentalsN/A

10% Off select hotels with a promo code

It is time to book your hotel and get a discount of 10% on the stay. This offer is available for you to use. When you book the hotel by September 30th, you get a discount. The minimum stay for this offer is one night. Book your slot early to avoid a last-minute rush. The offer is a limited time deal. You need a promo code “TRAVELOCITY10” to activate the deal and enjoy your stay’s huge savings.

$75 Off select flights and hotels

You can now book your flights and hotels then enjoy the massive save. This coupon allows you to save $75, which is an enormous saving for you in case you are on a budget or simply want to spend less. The offer is activated through the promo code “WANDER75”. Copy the code and paste it during the checkout for you to save more.

$150 Off select hotels and flights

Are you booking a hotel or your flight today? Well, you have an opportunity to save over $150 today. This promo requires a code “WANDER150” for activation. Once it is active, you can apply it as you checkout. The limited-time deal will run you through August to September. Hurry and book today to enjoy safer and cost-effective travel and stay.

35% Off Avis car rental

Travelocity CouponGet 35% off a car rental when you use Travelocity for your booking. This offer is great if you are set to use the car for several days and save more. The offer has a promo code “H876301”. Copy and paste it for activation then apply it as you checkout. This will save you more and allow you to enjoy luxury car rental for less. Note that the offer is available for August and September use.

10% Off select hotel stays

If you are on a budget and want to save 10% off your booking, this is the right coupon. Get the 10% off deal now as you book for your holiday stays. This coupon is activated with the promo code “SAVENOW”.

Simply copy it and paste while you checkout then see the difference it makes on your final prices. This offer is available from 12:01 am CST, June 18, 2018, to 11:59 pm CST, September 30, 2020.

10% Off hotels all year w/ Travelocity Compass Membership

There is an advantage with having the Compass Membership. This allows you 10% off your booking every time you stay or travel. The offer allows you to save if you are a frequent traveler. This deal doesn’t require a promo code since it is already activated. Grab it now and save more. Note that this is a limited time offer and likely to expire soon. Get it today and enjoy the huge save.

$20 Off select hotels

Here is another promotion for online use only. The offer is $20 off your booking. It requires a promo code “Lifeworks20”. Copy and paste it for activation then use it while you checkout. The offer is valid for a short time and thus a great way to save as you enjoy today.

Up to 30% Off Avis Car Rental

30% off is a huge deal that you should not go without you trying it out. Travelocity allows you to rent Avis cars and enjoy the huge save. If you are set for the car rental, then this is the deal for you. Use the promo code “S754600”. Copy and paste it as you checkout then see how it influences the prices. Hurry before the expiry date.

15% Off your stay

You can now enjoy the 15% off deal with booking at Travelocity. This offer is a short time deal that you need for a huge save. The promo code for this offer is “APP15”. Copy then paste it for activation then apply to your purchase. The promotion is available for August use and part of September. This means that you have some days to enjoy this offer.

Extra 50% off select hotels when you sign up or create an account

Another simple way to get a discount is by signing up for an account. The goal is to make your booking process easy and also alert you on trending offers. This means that signing up comes with a lot of advantages.

This 50% off deal is attractive. Visit the site and create the account then have the deal on your side. A promo code will be sent to your email for confirmation. This is the code you will use as you checkout.

Up to 25% off budget car rentals

Lastly, 25% off car rental is another way to save with Travelocity. Copy the promo code “D420001,” then apply it to your booking then get the 25% discount. This offer is valid through August 2020. You can now grab it and save more today.