Understanding NFT in Gaming: Digging Deep into the Blockchain Crypto Game Market

The idea of digital or video games has now changed in a big way ever since the past few decades. Evolving right from the simple pong games to the complex software solutions that are governed by consoles, both mobile and PCs do offer virtually some unlimited amount of genres along with giving some interaction systems, which turn into several games that come along with different interactive forms of entertaining the audience inside the complex universes that can be both captivating and engrossing. Well, how about exploring the Blockchain Crypto game market along with the NFT as under. Meanwhile, if you intend to explore more, then you can visit News Spy

The Blockchain Gaming – The games like CryptoKitties are seen getting dropped over the ETH network way back in 2017, and these things have clogged over the network to stay standstill. As we see the gamers are often in the rush hour mode to try something new in blockchain gaming, we see the flow of money seems to be in their wake. Some of the most expensive collectible cats seemed to have gone for a toss as it has been sold to the game that is being valued at the cost of 117K USD that talks a lot about the prospects regarding the decentralized kind of gaming.

Ever since, we witness the evolution of blockchain-based games that are seen coming off regarding the production line that comes along with some varying kind of degrees that come along with great success and complexity. The very first quarter of 2021 has witnessed the advent of an upgrade one can find in the crypto-based gaming that comes in the form of NFT games. This can be called a perfect shift from one play to farm games that remain collectible games based on the Pay To Earn kind of principles as we see NFTs are rare, and they often grip astronomical prices on the market.

As per the recent statistics coming from portals like statisa.com, the value of these games market all across the world has soared in a big way since the past few decades, and reports of the said portal claim that it will grow up to 200 Billion USD mark by the end of 2023. The overall capital of the NFT market seemed to have gone beyond 22 Billion USD in 2021 that comes from 338 USD Million in late 2020. A majority of the sector is now focussing more on the gaming market that seemed to carry a huge potential for offering good options to the gamers giving away some unique opportunities to the consumers to collect different in-game items. Several possibilities are being showcased the best in the e-sport market that can be seen with the value of 495 M USD by 2020, and these are expected to rise up to 646 M in 2021. All thanks to the evolving newer technologies that are involved in engaging different processes when it comes to the fans and gamers.

The money the blockchain game developers seem to have received seems to be massive. For example, the game called Battle Pets, which remains the Binance Smart Chain as governed by the blockchain game, comes along with adorable pets wherein the pets in the NFT are gathered, nurtured, collected, and other things. The next example could be Forte, which remains a major decentralized ecosystem, which seemed to have given a hike of 184 M USD to around 1 Billion USD of valuation for the different platforms dealing in the blockchain gaming market.

The next example comes in the form of Bit Country that has raised a decent amount of 4 M USD in one day for its digital community that seemed to be governed by met averse. If you check the traffic over the ETH network, it seems to have gone in a better way giving the gaming transaction in the past two years running. Several figures come along with a clear kind of indication as seen like interest, which both the players and developers are seen committing to certain decentralized infrastructures for some good number of reasons. Although one can see ETH making good inroads, the Bitcoin chain has already caught the attention of several crypto-based game ventures, including Battle Pets.