Vehicle Accident Injuries In California And Unable To Go To Work And Need To Get Money


It is obvious to think about the settlement after a car accident, especially if you are in any state of California. As a result of an accident, you may undergo financial loss side by side the physical injuries, even if you have no-fault. But, the good thing is that the other driver who is responsible for the accident, have to compensate according to California law.

The settlement amount can be calculated by considering different factors. The more you got affected by the incident, the more compensation you can get from the other driver. The liable driver can pay the amount directly, or the insurance company of the liable driver can also pay you on behalf of him or her.

For more legal settlement, you can hire a professional lawyer to proceed with the process successfully. A car accident lawyer San Diego and motorcycle accident lawyer San Diego, may help you proceed with the lawsuit for your vehicle. Similarly, you can hire an employment lawyer San Diego, for the process to compensate for your loss, in case you lost your job because of injury after the accident.

Insurance Claims

You can get the money, from the driver who caused the accident. The driver can pay directly, or the insurance company of the driver may compensate for your loss.

The amount you get from the insurance company directly depends on the policy purchased by that driver. In California, the average amount for settlement is around $21,000. Some other factors also took into consideration while calculating the amount of settlement.

These other factors include:

  • The amount spent on your injuries, until you become physical stable
  • The ability you lost to work
  • Physical or emotional pain
  • Whether you were also responsible for the accident
  • The extent of the injuries happened

The point you must keep in mind is that insurance companies always try to avoid paying you, to earn more profit from their business. In this way, they use a trick to give you a little money to settlement soon after the accident happens, because it is a good time for them to disparate you.

Personal Injury lawsuit 

If you feel that you are getting fewer amounts, as compared to the loss you have, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the faulty person or his insurance company. You must take this step if your loss is not been compensated, or in case the other driver is not admitting his fault.

While filling the form of a lawsuit, you need to mention the economic damages, in terms of physical injuries, vehicle damage, and job loss.

You can mention the damage like medical bills, an ability not to work, and being disabled, etc. pain and suffering could not be counted, but you can mention as your loss in a personal injury lawsuit.

It is not possible to tell the average amount of the settlement because the consequences do vary in different accidents. The compensation amount you are eligible for, depends upon the damage, like the extent of injuries and how long the effects likely to be on your life.

Take Expert advice

The faulty person and his company tried their best to pay you fewer amounts as much as possible. So, before you accept the low settlement amount, make sure to take advice from an expert. Analyze the loss, and then ask for the settlement from the other party. Discuss the details of the accident with the expert in any law firm. Many law firms are dedicatedly working on these cases and are providing their services to the customers.