Top Walmart $4 Lists & Coupons

As we all know and most of us experience, medications can be a pain not only to your health but also to your budget and savings because of the number of medicines and dosage especially for those who need to take medication for a long period. Good thing Walmart has a program called Walmart 4$ list where it includes different types of medications and the catch is it does not require any membership, fee and it even does not need insurance. You just need a prescription from your healthcare provider, and you are good to go to avail this promo.

The Walmart 4$ list on the other hand has some restrictions. Better check the nearest pharmacy near you because not all States have the same prices. The pricing depends on the place you live in. North Dakota is not included in the said program. Also, be reminded that this program only includes generic medications and is subject to change without notice. Visit their website at and start checking out your medication.

Walmart $4 Lists & Coupons

Promo codeDiscountExpiration
No coupon code requiredGet your diabetes medication for as low as 4$Limited Time Only
No coupon code requiredStock up your heart and blood pressure medications and save for only 4$Limited Time Only
No coupon code requiredSave up and maintain good mental health with medications for only 4$Limited Time Only
No coupon code requiredHelp yourself with digestion medication for as low as 4$Limited Time Only
No coupon code requiredGet a huge discount to your vitamins and nutrition for only 4$Limited Time Only

Get your diabetes medication for as low as 4$

Diabetes is one of the common health problems most of us experience especially when we grow old. Some even take medications for diabetes as their maintenance and it is a huge slice to our budget. Good thing this program offers medications for diabetes for only 4$ for your 30 to 60-day supply. Some of the available medicines are Glimepiride (1mg, 2mg, 4mg), Glipizide (5mg and 10mg), and Metformin (500mg, 850mg, 1000mg). Just be sure to have your prescription to avail of this promo.

Heart and blood pressure medications and save for only 4$

As we age, we develop heart and blood pressure issues, and it is something we must be serious about and be taken care of. Visit your healthcare provider and check your prescription because the Walmart 4$ list programs offer the following for your 30-day supply: Atenolol (25mg, 50mg, 100mg), Benazepril (20mg, and 40mg), Carvedilol and Clonidine. This is for a limited time only so grab the chance and avail now!

Walmart $4 List

Maintain good mental health with medications for only 4$

Mental health has been one of the most talked-about health issues mainly in this generation. Who would not agree that indeed mental health is very important in every aspect of your lives? That we should consider everyone’s mental health and be open for possible need of medication because nothing is wrong with that. And with that said, good thing this program offers budget-friendly medication and some of that is Amitriptyline (10mg, 25mg, 50mg, and 75mg), Buspirone (5mg and 10mg), Citalopram (10mg, 20mg, and 40mg), Fluoxetine (10mg, 20mg, and 40mg), Nortriptyline (10mg, 25mg, and 50mg), Risperidone and Trazodone. Maintain good mental health and save up by availing this limited-time promo.

Digestion medication for as low as 4$

No one can deny the fact that eating is one of our ways to relieve stress. Its one of the guilty pleasures we cannot resist. But we must not forget that digestion is very important in breaking down food in our body to convert into nutrients. If you are having a hard time digesting your food, do not doublethink and went to your healthcare provider right away and avail of this limited-time promo in buying your digestion medicines. Metoclopramide (5mg and 10mg) is available for this promo.

Get a huge discount to your vitamins and nutrition

In everyday work we do, sometimes we feel tired, exhausted, and burn out. We try to get up, eat 3 meals a day, still we feel tired. As we make ourselves productive, our body needs some protection and care too. One of the easiest ways to make our body stronger and better is by taking up vitamins. It does not only help our everyday work but also helps to boost our immune system. Folic acid is available in the promo and you may avail it for a limited time. Help make yourself stronger.