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Vaping is the new cool for individuals who love to indulge in addictive pleasures such as smoking. Simply defined, vaping is smoking electronic cigarettes, also termed e-cigarettes. Although advocates of vaping claim that it does not have any side effects or even if it does, they are not as bad as real smoking, the truth is, vaping is dangerous.

Recent news has shown people suffering from lung injuries due to vaping. Vaping is not only addictive but the damage it causes is real. Though one can say that the damage it causes is done at a lower rate than smoking, the damage is there.

West Coast Vape Supply CouponA Vaping cigarette consists of inhaling chemicals via the e-cigarette instead of burning tobacco. There are various kinds of vaping devices available in the market alongside suppliers who deal with making them available to the buyers.

West Coast Vaping Supply is one of the best suppliers of vaping products, be it devices or chemical juices. It offers reasonable discounts to its customers site-wide and delivers within the United States of America only.

For users’ convenience, a list of currently offered discounts and deals that are active and running on the site have been accumulated below.

Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes

Free Shipping Offer

West Coast Vape Supply offers free shipping on orders worth $50 and more.

Limited Time Discounts

West Coast Vape Supply is offering 60ml ‘Naked Flavors Vape Juice’ bottles for a discounted price of $11.99 only. This offer is valid for a limited time only and is applicable to all of the brand’s flavors.

Promo Codes

West Coast Vape Supply is offering 5% discounts on all orders provided the customers to enter promo codes ‘VAPE JUICE’ or ‘RESTOCK’ at the time of check-out.

Another 10% discount offer on all orders site-wide is currently in effect. It requires the West Coast Vape Supply shoppers to enter either of the two promo codes at the time of check-out. The promo codes are ‘MLK’ and ‘COMEBACK10’.

Other than these offers, customers also receive discounts just by signing-up for an account with the website. On orders consisting of devices and starter kits, a discount of up to 85% is currently being offered.

Vape Juice Bundle Offers

West Coast Vape Supply offers generous discounts on a bundle of 3 bottles. The total amount of discount varies from product to product, brand to brand and the total volume of vape juice ordered. For a quick estimate, the discounts range from $40 to $90 too.

About West Coast Vape Supply

West Coast Vape Supply is an American brand which deals in premium vape supply. It offers a range of vaping products which include E-Cigarettes, Vaping Juices, devices, E-Liquids, Premium E-Liquids, salt nicotine, ejuice, vape coils, other vape accessories, and beginner kits, etc. The website requires visitors to enter their minimum legal age before proceeding with visiting it. The minimum legal age of visiting this website is between 18 to 21, varying with the geographical boundaries of one’s residence.

Founded in 2013, West Coast Vape Supply is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Vaping products it sells are of addictive nature and as per the suppliers’ information, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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