What are the skills required for a Python developer?

Python development services enable every client to get great results. Programmers can put in place complex and unique tasks. At the same time, teams of executors can select third-party resources that are suitable for each specific project. Python web and mobile application development are especially popular. This versatile language allows you to write clean and understandable code. Even engineers who are fluent in other programming languages ​​can understand the basics of this code. DjangoStars company is engaged in custom Python development for all areas of business. The team will help create the best solution for fintech, logistics, medicine, construction, and tourism. Cooperation with the team will be convenient and profitable for a business that decides to apply for a Python outsourcing service.

Basic concept

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language focused on improving performance and code readability. Today it is one of the most popular programming languages ​​with a growing scope of applications. For the last 5 years, it has been in the TOP-10 of the most demanded technologies in the IT market.

Python Programmer Tasks

The language is used to solve a huge class of both scientific and business problems. It is used in mathematics, physics, biology due to its ease of study for solving scientific problems. It is also ranked among the top 3 most significant languages ​​in machine learning and big data analytics. As a universal language, Python has some use almost everywhere, even in the gaming industry, but currently, it is most popular as a language for writing the server-side of websites and back-end for mobile and web applications, as well as building various kinds of services and API.

A web developer who writes in Python also needs to know extra technologies from front-end development and the JavaScript programming language to support any high-load web project.

The requirements for a Python developer vary by industry and project. If we talk about a typical Python web developer job, then the following requirements are relevant:

• Confident experience of Python;

• Good skills using Django or other frameworks;

• Understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for responsive page layout;

• Git;

• SQL experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL), ability to use ORM (for example, Django ORM).

Experience with non-relational databases, in particular MongoDB, will be a plus, as well as the ability to work on Agile strategy and traditional methodologies.

Python programming features

For programmers, the language offers the following functionalities to work with:

• Syntactic ability to annotate parameters and function results;

• Introduction of a new type “immutable bytes” and a type of “mutable buffer”;

• Input and output of binary and text data;

• Abstract classes and abstract methods;

• Type hierarchy for numbers.

Python frameworks

Frameworks are software products that simplify the creation and maintenance of complex or heavy projects. The framework, as a rule, contains only basic software modules, and all project-specific components are implemented by the developer on their basis. Thus, not only high speed of development is achieved, but also high productivity and reliability of solutions. Such options include many tools to do a variety of tasks. There are also micro- or asynchronous frameworks.

Among the most well-known and beloved options are:

• Django;

• Pyramid;

• TurboGears;

• Flask;

• Tornado.

The first option allows you to make stable and efficient products. At the same time, development time is reduced as much as possible without compromising quality.