What Should All Tourists Know About Online Casinos in Canada?

Canada is a highly popular holiday destination; with its modern cities and untouched wilderness, it combines everything different people might need to relax during their time off work – not to mention the friendly, welcoming attitude of the Canadians; after all, who wants to deal with grumpy people while vacationing?

But that’s not all; some enthusiasts might already be aware that online casinos are rapidly growing in popularity in Canada, with more and more creative but reliable game providers appearing on the web. These are meant not only for gambling lovers; in fact, the accessibility and form of most online casinos are so convenient and straightforward that playing at Slots Online Canada and platforms alike might quickly become your new favorite pastime.

However, whenever you gamble abroad, even online, you need to get your head around the local habits, rules, and guidelines. To help you get started and prepare yourself, we have prepared the following guide, covering all the necessary information any tourist needs to know about online casinos in Canada.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

Gambling in Canada is highly regulated, but it’s still legal. Not only are Canadians proud of their long-standing gambling tradition, but they are also aware of its potential dangers. The government has decided to keep the players safe by introducing harsh regulations that affect anything from the casino’s location to the software provider.

The main goal of the Canadian gambling laws is to minimize the risks for the players and make sure that they’re able to gamble without having to worry about losing more than they can afford.

Moreover, all gambling activities are monitored by province-operated bodies; on the federal level, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) focuses on the development of the whole gaming industry – the development in the right direction, with innovation, security, and gaming tradition in mind.

Gambling Rules Vary by Province

When it comes to online gambling, Canada’s laws are quite strict. The CGA is responsible for the policy of the entire gaming industry, and it has three main mandates:

  • ensure that the activity is done in a safe and user-friendly environment,
  • keep a close eye on the industry and effectively prevent shady business,
  • help in the development of new technologies in the field.

The CGA has a clearly outlined framework it follows when it comes to online gambling – in fact, most provinces have their own legislation with similar goals. The only thing that varies from one area to another is how they regulate the activity.

For example, in British Columbia, online casinos have to be licensed by the provincial body in charge – the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB). This body is responsible for issuing licenses to all aspiring providers, which also means that it can revoke a license whenever a casino is found to breach the rules.

On the other hand, while In Ontario online casinos are regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), in Prince Edward, there is more than one regulating authority – Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission and the Consumer, Corporate and Insurance Division of the Department of Justice and Public security that regulates bingo, raffles, casino nights, and charitable gaming.

So, before you start playing, make sure to check the relevant authorities and legislation per region.

Pay Attention to Payment Methods

The main problem is that most online casinos (not only in Canada) are not based in the country they operate in. This means that there is a large array of restrictions they have to follow, and most of these are related to payments. Still, it is possible to make deposits and withdraw your winnings as long as you use the proper methods.

For example, Visa and MasterCard are some of the most widely accepted methods for online casino deposits. They also work as a tool for withdrawals, but other options, such as Skrill and Neteller, might be more convenient.

Bear in mind that different online casinos might vary significantly in rules regarding processing payments and, especially, withdrawals, so make sure to always check that information before depositing your money.

Choose a Reliable Verified Casino

First of all, make sure that the casino you choose has a license issued by one of the main provincial authorities. This will ensure that you are absolutely protected, and you will be able to enjoy your activities without worrying about any shady business. If you want to be doubly certain, ensure that the provider is certified by an independent body, e.g., eCOGRA. This certification is a good indicator of the provider’s reliability, security, and trustworthiness.

As for the casino itself, it’s better not to choose something that looks too good to be true – scammers are always trying to find new ways to trick gullible players, and it’s better to avoid them than fall victim.

You also need to choose the right casino – one that looks inviting offers great software and has many games you’ll enjoy. Fortunately, Canada has a lot of online casinos to offer. You can find everything you need, from simple online slot machines to thrilling virtual roulette tables, and each provider will offer something special.


Canada is a country with a rich gambling tradition, and it doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon. In fact, the online gambling industry is rapidly growing in popularity in the whole country. Moreover, it’s a great way for players to make some money by doing something they enjoy.

However, just like in all other countries that offer such services to their citizens, players need to be aware of the rules and regulations related to online gambling, especially if they want to play at casinos not physically located in Canada.

Still, we hope that this guide has helped you get started and prepare yourself for a fantastic experience while playing at Canadian online casinos.