What Will the Right Dentist Offer to Me and My Family?

Just as you need to see a doctor regularly, it pays to have a dentist who can help you keep your teeth in top condition. As you look around for the right dentist, do take the time to learn more about what this type of professional can do for you. Here are some examples of what type of care you will need consistently as well as help that could be needed in the future. As long as your dentist can provide these, like those at Dentist Burlington NC, you’ll be in good hands.

Annual Checkups and Cancer Screenings

While some people only tend to call on dentists when there’s a problem, there’s a better way. Dentists do offer annual checkups that involve a thorough screening of the teeth, the gums, and the entire oral cavity. The goal is to determine if there are any issues present and take care of them before they can develop into more serious problems.

You may not know it, but many dentists include screenings for oral cancer in those checkups. This is helpful at any time, but it’s especially good for people who have a history of cancer in their family lines. Should the screening come back positive, quick action will help resolve this medical issue before it can advance.

Options for Straightening Teeth

Not everyone has the opportunity to wear braces as children. The good news is that the right dentist can help you compare treatments for straightening your teeth as an adult. Many find that opting for invisible aligners is one of the best ways to improve the look of the teeth. Expect the dentist to help you understand how the aligners work and how long it will take to see results. You’ll also have access to an Invisalign guide that provides handy tips for taking care of the aligners, how to keep up with when to switch to the next aligner in the sequence, and when to call the dentist if something doesn’t seem quite right.

Replacing Damaged Teeth

Teeth can be damaged in a number of ways. Chips, cracks, and cavities are among the most common. In some cases, it’s possible to save the tooth with the aid of veneers, caps, and other methods. If the tooth is too far gone, the dentist is likely to recommend some sort of replacement.

Today, you can choose between dentures and implants. Both options have their advantages and their drawbacks. Go over them carefully with your dentist and it won’t take long to come up with the right solution.

Emergency Services if Needed

Not all dental issues develop over time. An accident or fall could be all it takes to need attention from a dentist immediately. That’s why you want to know what sort of emergency dentistry is available through the dental clinic.

Your dentist may cover emergencies personally or coordinate with another clinic or dentist to ensure patients have access to care around the clock. While you may never need emergency care, it’s nice to know that it’s available.

Choose your dentist wisely and make sure to see the dental professional often. As the years pass and you enjoy excellent dental health, the effort will be worth it.