Which titles literally ‘changed the game’ when they came out and defined a genre?

Gaming is now the world’s most popular entertainment niche and a varied, diverse beast to get involved with. In addition to traditional video games, many people are now enjoying online casino games and the latest eSports action. Whatever type of gaming you like, it is the games themselves that are vital to the experience.

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Although lots of games come out each year across the industry, only a few become iconic titles that literally define their genre or even create a whole new one. Which games sum this up best?


A beautifully designed sci-fi blast, this game helped to define not only the slot game genre online but also iGaming as a whole. Its simplicity, cool sound effects, and bright, fun design showed people all over the planet just how awesome playing casino games online can be.

It is also well-known for paying out pretty regularly, showing gamers that making money from online casino games is possible. If you want to try out games like this, remember to find the best casino codes to use first. Bonus.net is a great place to find these details and can help you sign up with a casino online that offers you useful extras for playing slots like Starburst.


Of all the genre-defining games sports sims are some of the most popular around. If you had to pick one game that changed this genre and really defined it for a modern audience, the FIFA series of soccer games stand out.

Although it might have taken a few years for developers EA to capture the magic formula, these games quickly caught on and completely changed what we expected from not only a soccer sim but also a sports sim in general. The real key is the authenticity these games contain. With real teams, players and stadiums, they really do make the whole sporting niche their own.


Open-world games are not exactly new, but they remain very popular with gamers. This is mainly down to the freedom they deliver and how players can wander around the game world doing their own thing. The game that really kickstarted this genre and came to define it is Minecraft.

This open-world building game needs no introduction as it is a title that even non-gamers know all about. From developers Mojang, Minecraft perfectly captures the sheer joy of doing your own thing in the game world.

Games that changed the world

The rise of tech innovations in the last few years has been impressive, and this is something that has transformed gaming. The world of gaming is always moving on, with hundreds of new titles being released every year. While most do well without ever really standing out, these games did so much more and have truly transformed how we play.