Why Are Games by Microgaming the Most Popular?

Regardless of the level of online casino gambler skills, every gambler quickly discovers that slots and other games by Microgaming are really abundant, and the number of cool Microgaming casinos exceeds the number of sites backed exclusively by other providers. Moreover, every self-respecting online casino that offers products by many software development studios ought to have games by Microgaming. Otherwise, this is a huge gap in terms of content. 

However, what makes slots and other products by Microgaming so popular? 

Who is Microgaming? 

Microgaming is one of the oldest online casino game providers; there are other companies in the niche that also make online games, and they have been out there for land-based casinos long before Microgaming, but Microgaming is a pioneering leader in web slots in particular. It has been around since the dawn of the Internet, and by now, the company has huge experience and huge resources, including the resources of creativity. 

Microgaming was one of the first to start collaborating with other studios, way smaller and with fewer resources behind their back; these software developing studios started providing content exclusively to Microgaming. This way, the huge company became even more productive, and at the same time, it started getting products created by young, bold, innovative, and creative teams. The bigger the company, the less flexible it is, but smaller independent studios fix that problem for Microgaming. In exchange, Microgaming shares technologies, know-how, resources, mechanics, and most importantly, licensing. 

Because Microgaming is so awesome, it has its games represented on numerous platforms, with any types of deposit options, even for casinos with Microgaming $1 deposit. Games by this provider are literally a must-have due to their outstanding quality and features. 

Signature Features of Microgaming Slots 

Experienced online casino gamblers, or reviewers, can guess that a slot was made by Microgaming in many cases. Some games are definitely made by this provider, and this can be told by the key features, for example, if this is a progressive jackpot, especially a Mega Moolah progressive. Besides, Microgaming adds other features and tech specs that make its slots stand out from the crowd and take gambling to the next level.


Very few providers can make the so-called branded slots, meaning the slot bears the theme of a movie, series, or another type of famous product or brand. Microgaming, due to its outstanding position and experience on the market, has already made several famous branded slots! These have immediately become hits and do not lose their popularity even as years pass. Of course, besides the famous brand, visuals, designs, and music that create the atmosphere, these games also feature flawless math models, entertaining in-game features, customizable settings, etc. Unfortunately, a brand on its own is not enough to make a fine online casino game. But if you see a slot that supports a globally famous theme, it is almost certainly by Microgaming. 

Themes & Designs 

One of the things that are obligatory for a high-quality slot is design. By now, Microgaming has thousands of games in its collection, and it has made slots with many themes, showing endless creativity. Yet, it is also crucial to provide seamless, beautiful design and visuals, for example, in-game effects. 

We have to be honest that ugly games can also do well, especially if they are stuffed with bonus features and provide good wins. But if the slot is visually satisfying and pleasant to play, the gamblers will be happy with it even on their unlucky days, and on their lucky days, they will want to come back to this slot again and again. 


Math models may be somewhat hard to understand for many players, and there are actually many of them. But a good math model shows in terms of results even if one does not understand how it works. Microgaming has many math models in its sleeve, and some mechanics invented and implemented by it have gained global popularity. 


Microgaming is extremely generous and creative in terms of in-game bonuses, and the best thing is that its creativity brings results to the player in the form of winnings. Microgaming, in general, has invented the majority of bonus types you can find in modern slots, and the majority of slots by Microgaming are more stuffed with those awesome bonus features than many other games.