Why Are Ming Vases So Expensive?

Some objects around the world are famous for their place of origin. One such object is the Ming vase. The Ming dynasty played a role in refining ceramic development. But the improvement in enamel glaze due to high-temperature curing was more superior in the Qing dynasty than the Ming dynasty.

cocoparisienne (CC0), Pixabay

Moreover, the white and blue porcelain that most of us are familiar with appeared in Song and Tang dynasties. This means that Ming porcelain and vases were not the first of their kind and not even the best, but they remain valuable and an important milestone in the history of ceramics. During the Ming dynasty, great improvements were made in ceramics.

Moreover, due to the overall economic prosperity, the demand for porcelain grew locally. Due to the increase in foreign trade during that time, the word of Ming’s vases reached globally. The Ming dynasty was known for its largest economy, prosperity, wealth, cultural expansions, and porcelain vases.

They had many achievements to be proud of, but what defined the period was the work of the best craftsmen of porcelain. It was a period of remarkable artistry, creativity, and expansion and development of culture. But as already mentioned, Ming vases were not the first or the best, then exactly what made them so valuable?

The rare and eye-catching Ming vase

Porcelain has become an analogy for fragility, richness, antiquity, and invaluableness. But why only ming vase? Why is it priced higher as compared to other porcelain? Why is it so expensive? Continue reading to find out more.

Researchers have agreed that the Qing dynasty was the porcelain dynasty, where the demand for Qing porcelain grew in the West. During the reign of Qing Emperor Kangxi, Qing porcelain was overflowing in markets in the West.

Due to this, Ming porcelain, not less in quality, was viewed as a colorful, remarkable, and rare object. The Ming vase offers the perfect imagery, artistry, and functionality to be placed within households and look good ceramic decoration.

Ming porcelain

In addition to this, Ming porcelain was a signature work. This is because, during the Ming dynasty, adding reign marks on the ceramics became common. The marks put on the ceramic have 6 characters written from right to left vertically.

The first two characters showed the dynasty, the next two characters gave the title of the emperor, and the last two characters were made for. The reign marks were found at the base of the vase, written in blue. This and its rarity made Ming vases one of the most expensive porcelain, even above Qing’s porcelain.

In a Nutshell

Chinese porcelain is a unique object that is eye-catching and beautiful. These pieces can be placed in any place and will surely enhance their surroundings. This is why the demand for these priceless pieces grew, and Chinese porcelain can now be found everywhere.

The most intricate, beautiful antique pieces are the work of the best craftsmen of that time, especially the Ming dynasty, who created such eye-catching, vibrant, and unique vases that they took the world by storm. It is one of the most famous and, without a doubt, the most antique and desirable artworks. The rarity of these pieces further made them more valuable and priceless.