Why Your Business Still Needs Print Marketing 

white newspaper on white table

Between social media and digital marketing, many companies wonder if it’s worth the time or money to invest in print marketing. The answer is: absolutely!

According to a recent study from APA Advantage, 44% of consumers will take some form of positive action from printed collateral, such as a company magazine or brochure.

Here are six advantages to using print marketing and how it can help your business.

1. It’s Tangible, Which Produces Results

Human beings are, by nature, sensory-oriented beings. We react to things that are tangible – that we can see, touch, and experience ourselves. Print marketing allows you to get content into the physical hands of your customers, resulting in them taking action.

Things like wireo-bound book printing for guide books, directories, or annual reports to share with your shareholders will stick around longer than a post that disappears within seconds on someone’s newsfeed. It’s a matter of adding value to a customer’s life.

2. Print Isn’t Going Anywhere

Printed materials such as handbooks, flyers, and brochures aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, print sales had a dramatic increase in 2021, according to Publisher’s Weekly.

They stated that printed book sales increased 8.9% last year, even more than ebooks. Brochures used by real estate agents are shown to produce at least one sale for every seven houses that receives them.

3. Printed Materials Build Trust and Authority

Many business owners are taking on a new venture of building trust and authority with their clientele through the use of books. Whether they are guide books, how-to manuals, or personal memoirs, consumers are looking for answers to their problems.

Books have become a viable solution to help grow brand awareness while simultaneously providing answers to customers.

4. If You Want To Stand Out, Use Print

Going beyond your digital presence is a perfect way to stand out from the competition. Most online content can easily go unnoticed, with over 7.5 million blogs posted every single day.

The perfect way to not get lost in a sea of competition is to provide your customers with printed materials that can’t go unnoticed.

5. You Can Improve Your In-Person Interactions

When you attend trade shows, or you need to provide important details at your next conference, there is a distinct difference in how you interact with people if you have printed materials.

When someone wants to find out more information, it’s more acceptable to provide them with a business card rather than tell them what your website is. That’s a great way to combine both digital and print marketing tactics.

6. Print Has a Higher Retention Rate

Scrolling through the internet requires little effort. People aimlessly scroll without retaining much of the information that is sent their way.

However, print has a significantly higher retention rate, according to neuroscientific research presented in an article in The World.

“Deep reading” is not the same as digital consumption performed through “linear reading.” Deep reading through printed materials forces the brain to think critically while retaining more of the information consumed.

7. The Internet Isn’t for Everyone

Despite the surge of users around the world who use social media or other online platforms, not everyone is using the internet.

Your niche could very well require reaching individuals who prefer not to scour the internet to find a local vendor or learn about the latest sales from companies they love.


The important part of using print marketing is to find a way to connect both digital and print tactics.

Print marketing creates a memorable, trusting form of brand recognition, while digital marketing can provide more detailed information or online shopping experiences.

Through QR codes or providing website details on your printed material, you can easily bring both worlds together.