Will India Be Successful in Soccer?

soccer field

Soccer game in India has been receiving less attention since time immemorial. Historically, it had a poor TV viewership and players participation. Indians preferred cricket games to soccer games for a long time before realizing that soccer could also be as good as cricket.

However, throughout the past five years, there have been some evident changes that the relevant authorities in India have put in place to ensure that the Indian soccer game gains popularity in India and the whole world. Read the below reasons why India might be successful in soccer in the future.

3 Reasons Why India Will Be Successful in Soccer

1. Indians’ Obsessiveness to Soccer

India as a country is much obsessed with the available games. Soccer games have started to gain relevance in the eyes of the Indian people. The Indians’ obsessiveness with soccer happened after hosting the world cup tournament of U17 in 2017. India was the first Asian country to host a FIFA tournament. Since then, people have become passionate about the soccer game.

Again, most Indian legendry soccer players have been recruited into the soccer game, hopeful that India will have outstanding soccer achievements one day. The recruitment of these Indian players to soccer has made many Indians support soccer by showing up in their numbers in the stadiums to watch their local soccer games or the international leagues.

Finally, Indians have overlooked the significance of their local heroes, those soccer players who, through their love of the game, have made their way intending to promote it further. Mehtab Hossain, Baichung Bhutia, and striker Sunil Chhetri, who joined Sporting Club Portugal, are crucial. Moreover, anything you can modify.

Some even go the extra mile of supporting their team by betting from bettingsitesindia.net. Here, they can get the best online betting sites in India. Indians betting their Indian soccer shows how the Indian people desire to be the best soccer players globally.

2. The Appointment of the Indian Super League as the Lead League

The ISL was appointed by the AIFF (All India Football Federation) since it had eight teams with winning players like Robert Pires and Alessandro Del Piero. The Indian leading League (I-League) could not compete with ISL. Therefore, the Indian Super League was chosen to be at the top of the country’s soccer pyramid.

Because of the ISL, India has received a lot of investments and money. Indian super league has improved the quality of stadiums and training grounds across India. The big stars from South America and Europe helping in training Indians have positively marketed the ISL, making it well known worldwide because of the increased TVs viewership.

3. Increased Professional Soccer Training to the Young

There has been a tremendous support of grassroots soccer clubs by big clubs and the government in India recently. The increase of young professional to soccer training only shows how India is serious about succeeding in soccer in the future.

India has invested a lot in the children’s training and practice of soccer games since they are the people who will play for India in the future and make India achieve its goals of becoming the best in Soccer games in the world.

The professional soccer structure has also improved to allow the smooth running of soccer activities. The introduction of ISL has also introduced many things about the scientists and the coaches that have greatly enhanced the quality of Indian players and hence will see soccer succeeding in India.


Although India has not been in the limelight of soccer games for quite a long time, it is evident that many measures have been put in place to see India, the global soccer game master, in the future. Indians have also shown a great love for the soccer game by turning out in numbers to watch the local games, bet, and support the upcoming clubs in one way or another.