You Won’t Believe These 5 Casino Rip-Offs

Many people enjoy gambling entertainment. Some of them use this opportunity purely for entertainment purposes, and some are trying to significantly improve their financial situation in this way. Today you can find many platforms on the Internet that attract users with their appearance and a variety of games.

Most often, gamblers choose slot machines to have an exciting time. Playing them is very easy. No special skills are required from the player, just press the Spin button and wait for the winning combination. 

Slots can be spun on any device, even a cell phone is perfect for this. The game works with just a web browser; you only need high-quality internet access. 

Demo versions are available for most slot machines, and you can play them for free, gaining, in the meantime, the necessary experience and testing the game for the possibility of winning. 

Another feature of slot machines is winning by chance but still, there are several ways to help the gambler get the maximum winnings and spend time having fun and gaining benefits as well. Although many players, especially newcomers, doubt the possibility of such profits, many experienced gamers have already turned winning from bets into an additional or even their main income. To get convinced of this, you can try the following ways. 

Ten Spins

This strategy has proven itself not only in online casinos but it can also be used for land-based machines. The idea of the method is as follows. The gambler needs to make 10 spins. If the account has reduced compared to the beginning of the game, you should increase the bet and make the same number of spins. If, after the first ten spins player has already made a profit, he can change the slot machine. 

Use Bonus Round

Bonuses are a way to encourage customers in every casino, and they are available to both regular customers and newcomers. They are used as the basis for the method described below. The strategy involves starting the game with minimum bets. The gambler continues to play until a winning combination appears on the reel. Then it is necessary to increase the bet. However, this should be done gradually during 5 or 10 spins. Thus, the gambler enters the bonus round with the maximum bet. As a result, the amount of winning that is possible in the bonus round significantly increases.


This strategy involves a gradual increase of bets from the minimum to the maximum and then vice versa – a reduction from the maximum to the minimum. Such a strategy will help to test the slot machine’s response to the gambler’s actions when the bet is decreased or increased. The pyramid originated because many players believe that increasing the bet can contribute to winning, while others believe the opposite – they are luckier with a smaller bet amount.

Win-win, Lose-lose

This strategy is based on repeating the actions of the slot machine in strictly defined cases. That is why the main characteristic of the strategy is to increase the bet after winning and decrease it in case the gambler loses. The second name of such a strategy is Parlay. Some gamers stay on the initial bet until the first winning round has happened.

Capital Management Strategy

In order not to suffer losses, every gambler must know how to manage his capital and keep track of it. These skills directly affect the success of the game and the final amount of winnings. In order to control your capital, you need to perform the following simple manipulations:

  1. For each game, it is necessary to allocate a specific amount of money that should not be exceeded.
  2. It is worth controlling the time that the gambler spends at the gambling table. It is also worth setting a limit and avoiding exceeding it. 
  3. After winning the game, you should finish it, although the temptation to bet again is great; however, you need to be able to stop in time to save money.
  4. You should not avoid the opportunity to make the minimum bet at the beginning or at the end.
  5. It is not necessary to start the game with the maximum bet.

Please keep in mind that the above are just tips and recommendations. In order to understand them in more detail, it is recommended to use the demo version of the slot. So you can evaluate the benefits of all strategies for free and check how they work in practice, and choose for yourself the most suitable option. 

Another important point when playing for real money is the choice of online casinos. The user should give preference to a licensed gambling platform, so all the winnings and personal data of the player are safe. 

Fair Go: Fair Casino 

Australian casino Fair Go has been an example of fair play since 2017. It has a large selection of licensed gambling products and a variety of slots and card games. You can use euro, dollar, bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies as a currency in the casino, which greatly expands the opportunities for players. 

There is a wide range of slot machines at this casino. They have different themes, as well as a different number of reels and win lines. Each gambler can easily find a suitable option. The casino has provided bonus programs for beginners and regular customers. The most popular among them are the following offers:

Welcome bonus It is credited after the first registration
Cash back Most often, it is a percentage of the amount paid to the gambler, even if he loses.
Bonus for deposit It can be a percentage of the amount that the gambler puts on his deposit
No deposit bonus The gambler’s account is credited even without the obligatory deposit of a certain amount of money.

Registering at the casino is also quite simple. Just top up the balance with the minimum bet. Withdrawal of funds at  Fair Go mobile casino can also be performed without any issue.

Here the user has the opportunity to compete in poker, baccarat, or roulette with other players or to play the game with the help of a dealer.