10 Tips While Planning Your Bathroom

Once in a lifetime, you might have dreamt about your dream home. The home that has everything of your choice. From the wall color to the lighting to every decorative item that is out there. Nothing is placed there without your approval. In that house, you have a place where you relax, shower, groom yourself, and spend the initial hours of the day.

Yes, it is your bathroom. It is the most important place in your house. You relax there and have a nice bath after a long and tiring day. You cry there when you want to let your emotions come out secretly.

Planning your bathroom can be a difficult task. Therefore, while building your house or renovating it plan your bathrooms carefully. It should be designed in a way that meets all your expectations and needs. Additionally, it should complement the design of the rest of your room.

10 Tips While Planning Your Bathroom

Are you planning to redesign, renovate or build a new bathroom? Do you find it difficult and don’t know where to start? If yes, then following these 10 tips will make the process faster and easier for you-

Get It Designed By A Professional

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The first step towards planning your bathroom is to get the design ready. You might have a lot of ideas. But to decide which one is the best according to your house, you will need help. That is when an architect is needed.

They are professionals in their field. Thus, they can help you in designing your bathroom according to your needs.

Use Your Space Efficiently

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You might have a very large or a very small space to build your bathroom. Being able to use that space efficiently is a challenging task.

Firstly, always make space for all the necessary and important things like basins, drains, shower area, storage cabinets, etc. After that, add other things you want. But do not forget to leave some extra space.

Decorate It Well

The interior decor of your bathroom is as important as its design. It can enhance or spoil the entire look of the bathroom. It is a place to relax. Because of that, the color scheme you are going to use should neither be too bright nor too dull. It must be a combination of both of them.

You can use various kinds of tiles, mirrors, lights furnishing, etc. Also, while selecting cabinets, basins, showers, and taps, keep in mind the final look of your bathroom.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

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The budget is of utmost importance. From your design to your layout to your decor, furnishing, etc. everything must be within your budget. It should be decided even before the actual works start.

Having a budget keeps your expenses in check. Planning your bathroom as per it will keep you and your pocket happy.

Make A Lot Of Storage Space

Your bathroom contains several things. Be it towels, toilet paper, soaps, handwash, etc., every item needs its own storage space. While planning the layout, look for places where you can place cabinets intelligently to create storage space for toiletries.

You can also buy mirrors with storage space inside them. It solves both the purposes of having a mirror and creating storage space.

Use Only The Best Quality Material

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Your home is something that cannot be built again and again. So one should not compromise with the quality. While building your bathroom, always use the best possible material. It ensures your safety and makes your bathroom look new for years.

If you use a bucket then buy it from a well-reputed plastic bucket manufacturing company without fail. They make various types of buckets and then you can choose the product design that you liked the most.

Not To Forget Waterproofing, Proper Electrical Wiring, And Plumbing

Your bathroom does not only needs good decor and layout. While planning for it you also need to decide about the waterproofing, electrical fittings, and plumbing.

Your bathroom must be waterproofed to work well for long durations. Electrical fittings must be done in a way that does not harm anyone as water is capable of conducting electricity.

Lastly, make sure you have regular plumber visits to ensure that all the things in your bathroom are working perfectly.

Avoid Buying Unnecessary Items

The bathroom should only contain necessary things. For example, do not install a bathtub if you are not going to use that. Similarly, do not put extra cabinet storage if not needed. There should be no unwanted items. Extra items need extra space and surely you don’t want your bathroom to look like a storeroom.

Good Lights Means Good Vibes

Lighting is a very important aspect of any place. It enhances the beauty of the space and helps in creating positive vibes. That being the case, ask your electrician to carefully do the lighting of your bathroom.

Maintenance Is Important

Last but not least is maintenance. Clean your bathroom regularly and call your plumber and electrician to check the hardware and electrical fittings of the bathroom. In case, any faults are found get them repaired immediately.


Your bathroom is the only place in your home that is used for relaxing, grooming, bathing, etc. If you wish to build, rebuild or renovate your house then you should also plan your bathroom. After your bedroom, it is the next place that you will mostly use. That is why it should be the best.

Planning your bathroom requires a lot of time and effort. For this reason, you must follow some basic tips. They will help you in planning your bathroom and make the entire process convenient for you.