4 Expert Techniques For Dry Herb And Concentrate Vaping: Vape Like A Pro

Aside from grinding dry herbs and flowers properly, there are other techniques you can follow to really get the juice out of your dry herbs for incredible vape sessions.

4 Techniques For Dry Herb Vaping

  1. Pacing

That’s right. “Pacing”. Vaping dry herbs (and concentrates) require that you pace each draft you get. It may sound like it’s a complicated task. But once you get the hang of it, it’ll be as natural as breathing in and out.

“Pace” here speaks of how slowly or quickly, long or short, you take in a draft. Note that vaping is miles different from how you would smoke a joint. Or even a cigarette. Vaping requires long and steady inhales.

You need a certain “pull” when you inhale the vapor. The longer and more stable the pull, the more vapor you will get out of the herbs. Not too deep as to cause the greens to overheat. Or worse, burn. And not too short, so as not to receive the most of savoring its aroma.

  1. Herbs Need Stirring, Too

This is a technique that very few know of, and inadvertently, practice. Stirring the herbs. Maybe it’s that it takes time in between and away from vaping sessions. Maybe it’s that they genuinely aren’t aware of this method. Regardless, here’s why stirring is important.

Since herbs are not layered evenly when placed in the vaporizer oven (although you should try to pack them mid-to-loose), there may be parts of it that won’t get vaporized as much as the rest. To avoid wasting the aroma from the trichomes of said parts, stir them a bit, mid-session.

Be reminded that this “stirring” should be curt and immediate. 5 to 6 rounds will do. Then, immediately close the lid back.

  1. Dry Versus Damp

Dry herbs versus damp herbs? Which one works the best? None of them. A tiny bit of moisture wrought by fresh greens is what you will need. Not dry as in desert-dry. Not soaked, either. And this is something you can’t replicate or try to control. It’s about getting your hands on fresh cannabis or hemp.

If you have a supplier, you can ask about handing you newer dry herbs. It isn’t that you are to be given ones that are freshly picked. Nothing exaggerated like that. Just as long as they’re not “flat”. An approach in checking that they’re not stale is by inspecting their color and dryness.

They ought to be closer to a faded dark green. In case they’re on the faded brown to dark brown side, you may want to think twice about their freshness.

  1. Store It Well

It goes without saying that storing herbs for too long will affect their newness. Old herbs will go against what we’ve mentioned in number 3. No matter how excellent of a vaporizer you have— a vape made from high-quality materials, and a heating chamber that’s off the charts— old herbs are exactly that. Old. Stale. No good. Get furna with pre-loadable ovens and find out what they are as you read on.

You can vape them. Only, they’ll have lost a lot of that sweet, sweet flavor. Also, you’ll probably still get a bit of a high. The THC component will remain potent. Then again, their flavor is part and parcel of the vaping experience.

So, how should you store dry herbs and flowers? Scientifically speaking, you can store cannabis and hemp for as long as one year. Their potency will remain. But their aroma? They’ll be impacted in as few as a number of weeks to months, depending on where you store them.

Tight-lid containers and away from direct sunlight. Plus, set said containers in a cool, dark location. Somewhere in your home that isn’t often accessed, like a cabinet or drawer you rarely use. Lessening its exposure to light will extend its crispness a bit more.