Top tips for hiring labor only movers

Moving is an important undertaking but it can also be quite stressful. This is especially true if you decide to move without using labor only movers  No wonder, most people tend to choose to hire professional moving companies to manage and transport their property. Professional moving companies can simplify and ease the transition from your previous home to a new one.

Happy young family Moving Home With Boxes Around

Besides, they offer essential services, such as packing, unpacking, and many more. There is no exact blueprint when hiring labor-only movers, but you need to educate yourself so that you can save money, time, and avoid moving problems. This article explains the top tips for hiring labor-only movers.

Figure out the moving services you want

The type of move, distance, and size can determine which moving company is right for your relocation. You may have to decide if you want a few extra hands to help you or if you will need to have a full-service moving firm.

It’s worth noting that some moving companies can pack your belongings, transport them, and unload them.  Also, remember that the more services you need from a moving company, the more expensive it can be.

Check the references

A good move you can make before hiring a moving company is to ask it to provide references. You can also ask your family member, friend, or even a real estate expert for a recommendation.

Even better, if you know someone else who recently used the same moving company, you can reach out to them and ask about their experience. Ideally, if they have a good moving experience, perhaps you may want to hire the same moving company.

Online reviews

In case there is no one who has recently hired the moving company, then you may have to consider checking customer reviews for the moving companies online. It’s important to find out what the previous customers are saying about their moving experiences with the moving company you intend to use.

So make sure that the company is reliable, punctual, courteous, and affordable. It’s quite easy to find customer reviews online for moving companies. Also, many moving companies can have reviews on their sites as well as on social media platforms. Therefore, if the company’s reviews are good, then you may want to consider using their services.

The mover should give a good estimate 

A credible moving company needs to have an inventory of all your belongings including your furniture to determine the weight and bulk of the move. This can be done through a virtual survey or in person. The estimator needs to be accurate and detailed, so they should check all your storage places like drawers, closets, garages, and cupboards.

Whether you intend to move locally or long distance, a moving company’s estimate is usually based on the weight of the belongings and the distance it will travel. Make sure that you understand the inventory estimate and it should be complete.