How to Win at Online Bingo: tips and tricks


We begin this focus on bingo strategies by trying to explain that online bingo works the same way as that in real rooms. To find out more, here is the guide dedicated to how to play Bingo. Before starting with our online bingo strategies it is necessary to make a premise. In fact, in a game of this type, luck is the main ingredient to win. Certainly, there are some bingo tricks and tips that can increase a player’s chances of winning over someone who doesn’t use a good strategy. At the base of everything, however, there is always luck which is difficult to control. So, ready to go with our guide on bingo strategies that we see below in the list.

Online Bingo


  • Avoid crowded rooms and have multiple folders available;
  • Identify the jackpots;
  • Respect the initial budget;
  • Choose rooms with low prices.
  1. Bonus to know and activate

The first trick to know for online bingo is the bonus one. Unlike the real rooms, in fact, there are many online bingo sites that offer welcome bonuses for new members. This can be important to gain access to bonus money with which to buy cards and start playing without shelling out your own money. Alongside these, there are also Chat Games that can help you increase your winnings by solving some puzzles and chat games in order to have bonuses (here the Chat Games Rules). Therefore, it is very important to start on the right foot and among the best online bingo strategies is to consult our Bingo Bonus Comparison to know all the active promotions.

  1. Crowded rooms and folders

Whether online or real, it changes little: avoiding crowded rooms is one of the tricks to win at bingo. If you play in a real room, the prize pool will certainly be higher, but the competition will be much harder to beat. As far as online bingo is concerned, it will always be better to play in rooms with few players and with a low number of cards sold. The times, in this case, can be essential to avoid those rooms that are more frequent than a certain time slot. Furthermore, this also allows the possibility of having more cards available to increase the chances of five or bingo. This, which is part of our bingo strategies for winning online, however, must be well studied because the cards you buy must have different numbers.

  1. Find the best jackpots

The highest jackpots are certainly the most sought after by fans. Play with minimum stakes in search of the highest prize pools so as to have higher jackpots. With minimum bets, you can also win large prize pools thanks to the gold, silver, and bronze jackpots that are offered by visit websites with high-frequency draws. Usually, jackpots are awarded to players who play Bingo within a certain number of calls, which is predefined before the virtual draw. Many sites allow you to play bingo with the best jackpots and where you can bingo strategies to win.

  1. Respect the initial budget

The penultimate but very important piece of advice for winning bingo strategies is to manage your budget wisely. While it is fair to set a budget limit, it is also fair to respect that limit. Playing consistently, in fact, is one of the tricks to win at online bingo. Always keep in mind the initial investment and the capital you have decided to invest before starting to play, without ever going further to have a good online and real bingo strategy. The budget management strategy is very important because the experienced player never exceeds their budget so that they are always in control.

  1. The choice of rooms

If you want to start playing online bingo and you are not an expert, the bingo strategy is to start playing with the lowest stakes offered by the different bookmakers. You have to start in rooms with a very low price per folder, especially if you have no experience so as not to risk losing too much of the initial budget. Starting with patience and with limited budgets is one of the tricks to win at online bingo so as to earn a nest egg to be invested in other rooms with possibly higher ticket costs.

Mobile Bingo Applications

Mobile-Bingo In the various stores of mobile devices, whether Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, you will always find a large number of mobile bingo apps. We can divide these applications into 3 categories:

  • app of authorized gaming rooms
  • free mobile bingo apps
  • paid mobile bingo app

The first are applications created by authorized bingo sites, which allow you to play for real money and often even create a single account that can be used both from mobile devices and from desktop PCs. The latter are free mini-games to have fun with without having to spend anything. Sometimes there may be advertisements included or the possibility of purchasing more game tokens in addition to those given out for free. Finally, you will find mobile bingo applications made with particular care for graphics and game modes, which provide for an initial purchase cost.

If you want to try the apps of bingo sites legalized, we refer you to our rankings with the best gaming rooms in circulation. This way by registering through bingo you can enjoy greater benefits and higher bonuses. If you prefer to try some free apps to test the game, we present 3 in particular that have been tested by our team of experienced mobile bingo players.

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