5 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Read More


Reading is a very crucial element of everyone’s life especially a child’s education. It assists children to get more success in their school and the practical life. We have limited reading to the textbooks, but that is not how it should be. A child can read efficiently from any resource, whether it is a hard copy or a soft copy. Reading is the best way to relearn those lessons which are no longer with us, and progress even more effectively by applying them in practical life. Even those tales that we read to have fun teach us a lot of new lessons that fascinate us. There are several advantages of reading which have a positive impact on a child’s life.

Let’s have a look at all the reasons why you should encourage your child to read more and more.

Improves Concentration And Exercises The Brain

Whenever a child reads a book, focusing on a story enhances a good habit of and develops a focusing ability in them. It assists them in focusing easily in school and at home too whenever they are given basic instructions.

As a child builds his or her habit of reading, he or she starts focusing more on even little things which makes them intellectual. Reading is a form of mental exercise. The more your child does this exercise, the better your child will learn and their skills would be enhanced. Eventually, practice makes a man perfect, why not a child? Encouraging your child to read more will definitely boom up their vocabulary and would increase their ability to concentrate on little details. Reading accompanies a lot of skills which include analytical and thinking skills. When a child starts reading a story, his or her brain starts predicting the end of the story which challenges the brain and they end up enhancing their analytical skills.

Enhances Memory And Imagination

Reading a book is one of the best practices to boost up a child’s memory. As we all know, to understand the whole story, we should have a know-how about the characters and we have to remember them and then associated details. All the large stories and Sci-Fi books especially, compels a child to focus more, remember even small details that eventually enhance their memory and gives a deep understanding of the story. While reading, we create an image. We imagine how these characters would look like in real, and what would happen if this would have taken place. Children connect all of these characters and events and start imagining them, and link these characters to their own feelings that add to the creativity factor.

Enhances Knowledge and Improves Performance in School

Traveling around the world doesn’t always require you to pack your bag. Sometimes, you can travel around the places without stepping out of your home. Reading can take you to places and helps you learn about people and cultures. Children read books and get an insight into others’ personal experiences, and ideas that are way more different than their own ideas and beliefs. It is eventually the best form of education a child could get, as it gives them a chance to ponder upon things they haven’t thought of before.

It is statistically proven that children who read better tend to perform better in all the subjects in school. Students who are exposed to reading are more likely to perform well in all facets of education. As children start reading more, they develop a sense of understanding things practically and this thing compels them to take their studies practically and try their best to perform well.

Reduces Stress and Develops Empathy

Out of yoga, humor, and reading, reading is the most effective way of reducing stress in almost every age group. According to different studies, just 30 minutes of reading lowers blood pressure and the heart rate and reduces the feeling of stress as effectively as yoga does. It also prepares you for a good sleep at night. If a child reads a book before going to sleep, it would just not increase his memory but would also help him to sleep earlier and better. It is also recommended that you read your books where you are supposed to sleep so your sleep isn’t disturbed.

It is also an effective way to get in touch with emotions too. Whenever a child reads a story, it forms empathy and compassion for the characters present in the story. When we get to know these emotions and feelings, it is more convenient to relate to people and empathize with them.

Develops Language Skills

As children start reading and make it their habit, it develops critical language in them. When a child spends time reading, it helps understand them to understand what a language could sound like. When they will read more words, they will get more exposure to language and get an opportunity to improve their vocabulary. If you want a child to learn a language efficiently then reading is extremely necessary.

According to famous authors including Mark Twain and George Orwell, reading is always the best option to opt for if you want to enhance your child’s vocabulary and speaking skills. There is no doubt in saying that who reads well can speak well. It is really essential to teach children at a very young age to start reading and analyze the need for reading so that they grow up realizing this and end up practicing this often. Reading just does not teaches a child about a single word, but opens up a lot of dimensions that help them in analyzing things more keenly and effectively. Someone has said the truth, today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

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