5 Things You Didn’t Know You Can do with a VPN

Have you ever thought about using a virtual private network? Or VPN as they’re more commonly known. We were hesitant at first. That was until we saw the many benefits that they bring in helping us maintain anonymity when we’re exploring online. And that’s just one of the huge rewards it brings. That’s why we’ve looked into the top five things you didn’t know you can do with a VPN, because you probably know the top things they can do, right?

Number One – Keep Your ISP at Bay

Your internet service provider (ISP) is not always just a friendly customer service agent over the phone (if that!). It provides you with the internet bandwidth you want, but it still controls how much it gives you. And of course, it can monitor what you’re up to as well.

If you’re going on websites which it would block as part of its policy, then there’s no way of bypassing that. Unless, of course, you have a VPN. All the restrictions are then gone, so you can browse to your heart’s content. Another interesting point to note is that ISPs don’t just track their users but also worry that they can sell your data – something you no doubt want to keep safe. So, your browsing history, location data or app usage can be hidden from them with the use of a VPN.

Number Two – Use Wi-Fi When You Want

If we’re not behind our computers at work or school, then we’re using our devices and smartphones to keep connected. Everything’s online, and so are we, even in public. Sometimes when you don’t want to eat into your data, it’s easy to find some public wi-fi to connect to. But there are many horror stories out there about what happens when you connect to an insecure wi-fi. Some of them may have even been set up with the purpose of trying to get your information. But if you love being out and need wi-fi access, you can do so without the worry when you use a VPN. Doing so will encrypt your traffic, so even if hackers can intercept, all the data will be scrambled. They’ll be utterly clueless while you can keep on browsing at the coffee shop.

Number Three – Stream What You Want

Depending on where you’re based, you might not be able to access specific streaming sites. Your ISP could block them, or you may be restricted due to your location. It is pretty annoying when you want to watch a new TV show that the rest of the world can watch but you can’t! With a VPN that performs better than others, such as the Cyberghost Virtual Private Network, you can easily access geo-restricted content. It’s simple to choose a location for your IP address so you can then start enjoying all the content you couldn’t do before.

Number Four – Ease the Throttling

Similar to the first point, ISPs control your bandwidth usage. You’ve probably noticed how in peak times, you can’t download or stream as fast as you could before. With a VPN, your traffic is encrypted, so your ISP won’t be able to analyze any of your data and impose any restrictions on speeds. You can say goodbye to the dreadful buffering circle and enjoy the high-speed broadband that you’ve paid for.

Number Five – Beat the Cyber Criminals

Perhaps the most crucial thing a VPN can do is to stop cybercriminals. You might have thought that it could offer a level of protection but not really known just how much more a VPN offers compared to standard security software. It’s designed to keep you safe every time you go online, so all your details are kept completely secure. Hackers and cybercriminals aim to get hold of your IP address, which they can do if you ever go onto circumspect websites or download or stream. Of course, common sense will tell you to avoid these sites, but sometimes it can’t be avoided – cybercriminals are always finding new ways.

The VPN disguises your IP address, so if the hacker does manage to break through any firewalls, all they’re left with is the VPN’s server. And the best VPN providers will have ultra-high cybersecurity to combat that anyway. That offers you peace of mind because it gives you yet another level of protection against online criminals. With so much of your identity online nowadays, a VPN is the best way to keep it protected and stop cybercriminals in their tracks.