Five Books You Must Read to Launch Your Business Start-up

Research always form the basis for any sound decision you make in life. It can include online sources such as the research paper writing service in deciding for a subject to write in your essay or physical sources such as books, especially for students. The same applies to starting and growing a business. You will need all the necessary books available, either physically or online to make sound business judgments.

So what books should you read before launching your small business start-up?

Five Crucial Books to Read for Your Business Launch

  • Dave Evans and Bill Burnett’s book, Designing Your Life

The book can offer a good background when it comes to figuring out what kind of business to venture into. It can also give valuable insight into changing your dissatisfaction with your business line of work. The book teaches the application of design thinking, a process that helps in experimenting and determining what you want and how to achieve it. It encompasses experimentation, reflection, adjusting, and learning.

  • Pia Silva’s Badass Your Brand. The book can prove instrumental in building a business around your expertise and making a profit out of it. It assists in focussing your business besides uncovering your uniqueness against the sea of competitors. You can learn aspects like pricing your services and packaging your service as an expert.
  • Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass at Making Money. The book proves useful to anyone with a money mindset challenge. Everyone has issues when it comes to money, and the book helps in curtailing the negative issues and promotes you to making even more. It has a fun aspect and insight into money besides having unique mindsets.

Most entrepreneurs want to become the difference, though many can lose sight of the fact that they have to make cash as well. By picking and reading this book, you can make more money than you thought possible.

  • Jay Papasan and Gary Keller’s, The One Thing. The book aims at helping you realize your business goals through time management and better prioritization of issues. It can help you become more impactful through intentional spending of invaluable time. The author helps you to realize the importance of achieving your major goals by setting priorities correctly.
  • Donald Miller’s, Building a Story-brand. The book can assist you to boost sales in instances where you find yourself struggling or where you have difficulties with explaining your business concisely and compellingly. It uses a framework and analogy of a protagonist’s journey in creating a connection with your clients and making sales easily.

Struggling to explain your line of business can become a huge hindrance to the profitability of your venture by limiting sales. Such a book can go a long way putting out clear and concise explanations, both orally and on your business website.


Knowledge always represents power, and becoming an ardent reader of such powerful books can change your business venture’s fortune before you launch or after launching one. As the say goes, the success potential of your business venture has a huge bearing on your capability to solve and avert problems. By reading these books, you will do that for your business.