Best meal kit promo codes from around the world

The first meal kit services have been introduced in around 2007 and the industry has been substantially growing ever since. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has also influenced the popularity of the meal kits service, with its convenience for the customers – your food is delivered straight to your door, without the need to leave the house during a pandemic.

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A meal kit is essentially a box with pre-portioned food ingredients, sometimes also partially-cooked, that are exactly the amounts you need to cook a meal of choice. Of course, you get to pick from a wide variety of dishes, and you are provided with a detailed recipe together with your ingredients.

Now, meal kits are generally not cheap – this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as you’re paying for the convenience, restaurant-quality meal ideas, and fresh products. Some of the best meal kits in Canada have first-time customer discounts, but that of course will only last you that one time. So, to make the luxury of meal kits a bit more affordable, you can also use discount codes.

Promo codes can actually save you a great deal of cash, if you are lucky enough to find them on time. For instance, it’s quite common to get a 50% discount, meaning that, say, $60 meal kits for a week worth of dinners will now cost you only $30 – an absolute bargain!

So, to help you with your search, we have found some of the best coupon codes for different meal kit companies all around the world:

Meal kits in USA

Meal kits are extremely popular in the USA and there is a large variety of different service providers, including Sun Basket, Home Chef, Freshly, and Purple Carrot. Here are a few bargain discount codes for these:

  • 50% off everything + Free Shipping on Sun Basket. Promo code: READY50 
  • 50% off your first box order at Home Chef. Promo code: 50ABE
  • $60 off any order at Freshly. Promo code: WSJ-FRESH
  • $35 off your first plant-based meal box on Purple Carrot. Promo code: MILES

Meal kits in Canada

Meal kits have first been introduced to Canada in 2014 and since then there are plenty of local companies providing the service. Some of the best meal kits in Canada are from Hello Fresh, Chefs Plate, and Good Food. The promo codes for these are:

  • $80 off your order on Hello Fresh. Promo code: MKC80
  • 50% off your order on Chefs Plate. Promo code: MKC2X50
  • $40 off your first box on Good Food. Promo code: BMQ29 

Meal kits in Australia

Australia has some of the same meal kit providers as Canada or the USA, such as Hello Fresh, so the same codes will apply. However, there are great local companies as well. Here are the best coupon codes for Marley Spoon, Dinnerly, Chef Good and Lite N Easy:

  • $15 off your first 3 boxes at Dinnerly. Promo code: 68GY5QX
  • $20 off first order for new customers at Marley Spoon. Promo code: AO20TH4ERSW
  • $20 off your first order on Chef Good. Promo code: PAIGE20
  • 15% off on full price items on Lite N Easy. Promo code: 17Win

Meal kits in the UK

Although meal kits are not quite as popular in the UK as they are in some of the other countries, it has been increasing and some new UK meal kit brands have appeared, such as Gousto, Mindful Chef, Simply Cook, Graze, and many more. Use these coupon codes to knock off some money of these:

    • 50% off your first 2 boxes from Gousto. Promo code: DTI-SB-P03
    • 25% off your first order at Mindful Chef. Promo code: WELCOME
    • 50% your first box on Simply Cook. Promo code: HALFPRICETRIAL
    • 5% off your first subscription box at Graze. Promo code: 5CREDIT

Final word

Promo codes are brilliant for great deals with meal kits and they can help you save lots of cash. Keep in mind, however, that most discount codes get updated after a while, so if any of these are not working for you, they may have unfortunately expired. Don’t give up just yet though, as there are always more with a bit of search!