6 Incredible Tech Innovations Influencing Modern Sports

Technology today impacts virtually all aspects of modern life. From health, education to business, there’s new technology driving all sectors of the global economy. However, it’s in sports where tech innovations have created the most incredible transformation.

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The global sports industry has over the last few decades continued thriving in the backdrop of advanced technologies. Despite the downturn caused by the Covid-19 crisis, analysts expect the sports industry to make a big comeback faster than even other industries.

This post explores some of the influential technologies fueling the sports industry today.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has been one of the most significant trends influencing the sports and fitness world over the last few years. Today, wearable devices are standard across all sports.

Some of the devices on the market include:

  • Inertial sensors
  • Global positioning systems (GPS)
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Local positioning systems (LPS)
  • Sleep trackers
  • Velocity-based training (VBT) sensors
  • StretchSense fabrics

The technology does a lot from tracking athlete performance to overall player workload during games. These devices help trainers monitor players’ biometrics in real-time.

Other metrics that new tech can monitor include the player’s balance, speed, acceleration, and motion. In addition to boosting performance, these innovations help reduce players’ injuries.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is now more important in the sporting world than ever before. While live broadcasts were already popular before the Covid-19 global pandemic, they’ve now become an integral part of the game.

Millennials who are the most connected segment of the population opt for live broadcasts to follow their favorite teams. Better smartphones, higher quality visuals, higher internet speeds all make for great live broadcasts.

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Injury Prevention and Recovery Systems

Sports science has come a long way and technology has played a big role. Injuries are the biggest threat in sports and every team wants to avoid these.

New injury prevention and recovery technology have emerged over the years. It includes the use of analytics during training, real-time tracking of athlete movements, Cryotherapy, Hyperbaric therapies, Compression Technology, sweat analysis.

Leveraging Digital and Social Media

One of the biggest changes for sports teams, players’ and fans over the last two decades is an increase in public engagement. Players and teams are no longer hidden from the public view as they leverage social media platforms to engage the public. From Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to YouTube you’ll find teams and sports personalities sharing moments with fans and other stakeholders.

For instance, NFL teams have invested heavily in building social media communities. In 2019 Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers lead in the number of social media followers.

The use of social media has amplified fan involvement and appreciation of the game. The biggest sports stars also have their own social media platforms where they hype games and interact with fans.

Rise of eSports

Traditional sports continue to grow across the world but it’s hard to ignore the meteoric rise of eSports. The younger generation, which is tech-savvy, has embraced eSports. There are tournaments roping in players from all corners of the world.

With the arrival of 5G technology and the influence of cloud computing, eSports will continue to grow. The games are readily available across multiple digital platforms.

It’s a Sports Revolution

There’s no stopping the sports revolution driven by cutting-edge technology. From live streaming, wearable technology, eSports to injury prevention systems, and more, the sports world continues to evolve. The adoption of new technology has helped sports teams to get better performances from their players. For fans, new technology translates into more thrilling sporting action.