7 Most Romantic Places in Sweden

One way or another, everyone dreams of going with their soulmate on an unforgettable journey. These are the very happy days that everyone will remember for his or her whole life. Those moments create a special romantic atmosphere throughout the trip and can prove that it is never too old to date for a man. Not surprisingly, many couples want to travel on their honeymoon. Traveling also helps to reawaken feelings and passion in relationships. Every trip can bring a lot of unforgettable emotions and impressions. And if you share this feeling with your soulmate, those emotions become even more pleasant.

Every country, without exaggeration, has in its arsenal many romantic places. Numerous parks over the entire period of their existence more than once served as a venue for meetings. All around the world, you can find bridges with padlocks on them. Needless to say that even monuments all around the world serve as meeting places for two loving hearts. Generally, every major street, city, and country has many romantic places.

Today we are going to talk about 7 the most romantic spots in Sweden. As you know, this country is surrounded by mountains and rocks. Of course, this fact by itself already creates a special charm and atmosphere. Combine this atmosphere with modern buildings, unique long-standing architecture, industrial cities, and untouched nature.

1. Millesgarden

Back in 1906, Olga Milles and her husband Karl Milles bought a land located on a rock in Lidingö near Stockholm. Since they both were creative people, they decided to set up a park there. Karl was a novice architect, and his wife was an artist, so the main idea was to create a sculpture park. Now on the territory, there are several terraces with various exhibitions. Previously, the spouses themselves lived there. These are unique galleries with interesting paintings and sculptures. The entire territory of the park-museum is saturated with the atmosphere of love between Olga and Karl.

2. Sarek National Park

This park is the true embodiment of Scandinavian nature. Unbridled in all its wild beauty. There you can go on an excursion on the so-called Kings road. You may also find another route through this national park. So, this is a great place for couples in love who are not afraid to challenge the wild nature.

3. Drottningholm Palace

This monumental palace was built in 1744 as a wedding gift to the princess. Even this fact alone turns this palace into a place of true love and feelings. Princess’s love for culture also helped to make this place even more romantic. During her life surrounded herself with artists, and their works, scientists, writers, and poets. Many famous personalities of that time were frequent guests of the palace.

4. Abisko National Park

This is a small park, and in a day, you will be able to see it all. This is where the abovementioned Royal Trail begins. In Sweden, this is a very popular and famous walking route. You should go there at winters, and seek the final station because here, you will find a nice spot to look at the aurora.

5. Wik’s Castle

This beautiful castle has several hotel rooms. Many believe that this is the most romantic castle in Sweden. To make things even more romantic, there is a big lake surrounding the castle. The castle was built in the Renaissance style. Everyone who decides to stay there feels like a hero of fairy tales and love legends.

6. Rock carvings in Tanum

Tanum is a small Swedish settlement. It became a tourist attraction thanks to its petroglyph complexes. Most of those cave paintings are approximately 2600 years old, but some of them are even older than 3800 years. There, you will find many ancient romantic stories about relationships between men and women.

7. The High Coast

This is a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located on the coast of the Botanical Gulf. The uniqueness of the territory is given by rocky cliffs and islands. This place is great not only for partners who love relaxing holidays and walks in nature but also for those who like active sports. You will never forget the view from the top of the High Coast.