The Most Popular Video Games of All Time According to Sales

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If you’re a gamer, you already know that 2020 is a HUGE year for the gaming industry, “thanks” to the global pandemic crisis.

Video games bring you the opportunity to experience the ultimate fun and excitement of playing bigger and expansive games, not only in terms of new console generation but also in terms of the major titles that are scheduled to be released.

The Top 3 Games of All Time According to Sales

Are you wondering what the most popular video games were down the years? We got the list for you.


What if we told you there was a game that earned more than $500 million? Yes, it’s been around for decades and still remains a popular choice for many gamers when they want to relive the 90’s. There are tons of variations of this puzzle game too.


Now, this game is relatively new but that doesn’t make it less popular. The sandbox video game series has garnered over $200 million worldwide in just two years since its release. With over 250 million players worldwide, it continues to be a gamer’s choice.


Who doesn’t want a real-life action game – where you can do pretty much what you want? GTA V comes at the third, raking in over $110 million. With over 100 million copies sold, it’s what you can call the most profitable game series ever sold.

What’s New in 2020?

Want to try out something new? Let’s take a dig into the most anticipated games of 2020 to know what to expect this year.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy is an incredible video game that gives us the chance to enjoy real-life “fantasy.” It’s been almost 25 years since the game was first launched, with more than 15 series. Loyal fans are still obsessed with the time of series VII. Therefore Square Enix, the franchise creator, has come up with Final Fantasy VII Remake to take fans back to that particular time and returned with Final Fantasy VII remake.

Cyberpunk 2077

You guessed it right! This list couldn’t have been complete without including Cyberpunk 2077. Yet to be released in September 2020, this groundbreaking game brings you a futuristic design with creepy cyborgs and dystopian horror- the perfect recipe for something truly incredible.

Halo: Infinite

The last one in our list is Halo: Infinite that has “kind of” mixed reactions from players, considering the recent entries. 343 Industries called the game a soft reboot, likely to distance themselves from the previous entry, which was nothing less boring.

High hopes have been rekindled with Halo: Infinite, which is yet to be released in October 2020 in Xbox One and PC. Master Chief is still kicking even after mowing down more alien baddies than an average human could even shake a stick at. Though the trailer has not provided anything much to latch onto, more trailers will be released before the game launches. So let’s wait and watch.

It’s not entirely unexpected that more alien baddies will be mowed down, but the most exciting and irresistible part is discovering the situation under which they will be mowed down.

Final Thoughts

We know you are eagerly waiting to experience these fantastic video games, so are we! These games take you back to the world, which is not otherwise possible in real life. Keep on playing!