7 Unusual Items to Invest in During 2020

kubota excavator

Well, it’s official, 2020 has certainly turned out to be a strange year! One thing that hasn’t changed much is the list of strange things that people collect or invest in. If you’re a collector, you’ll know that people collect just about anything. Sometimes, the older, the better. If you’re an investor, then you understand the value of investing in items that could potentially bring in money down the line.

Items to invest in could be anything from old handbags to children’s board games. You’d be surprised to find heavy industry machinery could also make it to the list. Luckily it’s pretty easy to find new and used excavators for sale. Some people might argue that if you have a mind for business, you could invest in anything.

Strange But Profitable Items to Invest In

It might sound far-fetched to regard something like the excavator for sale you saw down the road as an investment. Before you abolish the thought completely, below we’ll look at a few other strange items people have invested in during the crazy year of 2020, to prove it’s worth pursuing these notions.

What Exactly is an Investment?

The term investment can be described as “the action or process of investing money for profit.” That means you can acquire any item, no matter how unusual, with the goal of generating an income from it or its appreciation. So, in short, investing in a gold watch will bring you money as time goes on because it will increase in value.

For a different type of investment, something like a mini excavator will bring you money now because you’ll rent or hire it out. With that in mind, here are a few of the most unusual items you can invest in this year.

Excavators—NOT Such Strange Investment Items

Finding a new or used excavator for sale can be the start of an investment with more immediate rewards. Picture this. You live in an area where some construction work has recently started up. It’s not a big operation. What if you had an excavator available to rent to the construction company? Set up a contract and voila!

The used mini excavator for sale that you bought on a whim will now start bringing in some money. Before you know it, you would’ve recovered the money you spent on it, and your new investment will be bringing in some much-appreciated profits. Your investment might just become so lucrative that you start searching for more used excavators for sale!

Grandmother’s Chanel Handbag

You’ve heard the term vintage. Everything vintage is back in fashion. Whether its clothes, interior décor, or simply your grandmother’s old Chanel handbag, vintage has a place in 2020.

Vintage handbags can be sold to collectors for a considerable price. And by simply keeping your eyes and ears open it may not be that hard to pick one up. In most cases, people donate them to thrift stores. So, visit thrift stores, old-style markets, and look out for garage sales.

Your Childhood Comic Books

If you had known how much comic books are worth today, you probably would’ve taken better care of the ones you had as a child. First editions of anything are always worth more than any other editions. But, if you can’t get your hands on any of those, remember that modern comic books will someday be worth something. So, there’s no time like the present to start collecting.

Sports Memorabilia

People have been collecting memorabilia related to teams since the humble days of sports beginnings. Whether you’re a fan or just have the means of getting your hands on items that other people go crazy for, acquiring sports paraphernalia is a smart idea. Memorabilia can be sold to collectors now or in years to come, and you’ll probably earn a decent profit.

Whiskey, Wine, and Brandy

Whiskey, wine, and brandy collections can easily bring in some money either now or in the future. The price of wines, whiskeys, and brandies has increased dramatically in recent years. Experts agree that if you want to become a collector or even a seller, the idea is to target high-end brands.

Toys and Board Games

Toys from yesteryear never seem to lose their appeal. Collectors invest in dolls, classic toy cars, and outdated board games for nostalgic reasons. Perhaps you collected a certain type of toy as a child and still have the collection. It could be worth some money to the right person. According to toy experts, a 1905 16 inch Steiff teddy bear can fetch as much as $10,000!

Rare Books

This is another one of those instances where firsts are better. And the better the condition of a rare book, the more valuable it will be. In 2007, a first British edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” sold for a staggering $18,000 at an auction.

Perhaps it’s time to rummage in your grandmother’s bookshelf. There may be a first edition book worth some serious dollars hidden between those knitting magazines.


Being a collector is fun and possibly profitable. Whether you’re collecting something as unique as used excavators for sale or long-lost whiskey brands, making money is always an option! So, it’s worth the investment!