Need Some Fresh Advertising? Why Promotional Branding Should be Top of the List

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It’s the dream of every business owner to stay relevant to their customers’ needs and choices. But, with an ever-changing market, how possible is that?

Have you considered the new avenues presented to you by promotional branding? You’ll be interested to know that successful companies claim that promotional products have a positive result when it comes to sales figures. Items like promotional drink bottles and branded scarves are popular and more effective in branding campaigns than you think. Read on to discover why this should still form part of your yearly marketing budget.

Is it Time to Freshen Up Your Advertising?

It’s brilliant if you’ve found a particular pattern of advertising that drives customers to your business. However, it’s equally important to keep your advertising fresh and appealing. Your advertising needs to stay relevant in the customer’s mind.

The main goal of any advertising campaign is to promote a particular brand. With so many businesses competing for the same customers’ attention, it becomes more challenging to stay current and relevant in your audience’s mind.

Promotional branding is achieved through advertising on social media, community involvement, or even by forming partnerships with other companies. But there is another, simpler and perhaps cheaper way of achieving relevance; through promotional branding.

Why is Promotional Branding a Good Idea?

It’s a known fact that customers like free items. Whether it’s a gift for showing up to a promotion or a free service with a particular purchase, customers love getting items they don’t have to pay for. When you put your company logo on an item you’re giving away, it automatically boosts your advertising. Why exactly?

  • Encourages customer loyalty: By giving customers promotional products with your logo on, you’re increasing the chances of your brand being chosen above others. Customers feel as if they are important to you because of the products they have received as a gift.
  • Stronger relationships with customers: Placing a tangible item in their hands will go a long way toward building strong relationships with them.
  • Brand visibility: By giving out products with your logo on, you’ll be creating brand visibility. This can also create awareness among people who have never seen one of your usual advertising formats.
  • Additional leads: People who receive promotional products will either use them or give them away, unlike leaflets they are often chucked in the bin. The people who receive these gifts may show an interest in your company as a result of the way you reward your existing customers.
  • Subconscious advertising: Let’s face it, people are bombarded with adverts all day. Social media has adverts. Online games have adverts. Billboards flash past you as you drive home. The list is endless. A promotional product is a way of subconsciously reminding a customer of your presence even when they’ve disconnected from the digital world. The customer may have switched off their mobile phone, but they’re still using the branded pen you gave them or wearing the T-shirt with your logo on.

What Type of Items Can be Used for Promotional Branding?

The items you choose to brand will depend on your budget and the type of business you’re trying to promote. The important point to remember here is that your promotional product should be relevant. Your efforts will be lost if you give products that aren’t useful to your customer. For instance, you don’t want to give out scarves in hot summer weather.

A few smart examples include the following:

  • Sports caps: This is particularly effective during summer months when everyone needs some shelter from the sun.
  • Stationery: Pens, pencils, rulers, and stationery kits are a great gift when schools are scheduled to start or for people who work at a desk and will use it regularly.
  • Branded water bottles: These are always a good idea, and it’s an item that your customer will have it in hand daily.
  • Coffee mugs: What better way for a customer to start their day than by looking at your logo first thing in the morning?
  • Scarves, T-shirts, and jackets: You can never go wrong with these items. It’s also a great way for other people to see your brand, even if you haven’t given them a promotional item yet.
  • USB sticks: Almost everyone these days is using USB sticks. Another definite winner.
  • Bags: Sports bags can make a nice combination with the promotional drink bottles.
  • Keyrings: Everyone has keys which makes this another winner!

In Conclusion

Deciding to use promotional products to advertise your company could be the fresh approach you need to boost sales. It’s not a replacement for your current advertising, but rather an addition. It’ll definitely help keep you relevant in your customer’s minds. It will also create awareness in the minds of everyone else with whom the customer interacts when using the product. It’s a definite win-win!