A Guide to Paint by Numbers To Help you Start the Right Way

You can’t deny the fact that most of us have a special connection to art and deep inside, we love it. It is very rare to find the best way to enjoy paintings at your convenience. But some techniques have made it easier. One of the most known techniques nowadays is paint by numbers that is getting known and loved by the people.

Paint by numbers has been invented with a vision to make it easy for everyone to become an artist. Most of us do not have the experience of painting but this shouldn’t stop us from following our passion. The original slogan said, “every man a Rembrandt.” This is what they wanted to achieve and has accomplished too.

After more than 70 years of its development, paint by numbers has evolved greatly. Millions of users of paint by numbers have now made their own paintings and have accepted that this game has various benefits. Let us have a quick look at how Paint by numbers came into being and revolutionized with time. We also have put together a guide to help you make masterpieces on your own!

History of Paint by Numbers

The paint by numbers painting technique was developed by Dan Robbins when he was working as a package designer at Palmer Paint. He always wanted to do something for people and found this as the perfect way to make the process of painting much easier. Robin created several numbered patterns and shapes to help his apprentices to follow along and learn with fun. He kept making some prototypes and shared them with his boss, and luckily he loved this idea. The duo kept working on the idea and become the originators of the paint by numbers technique. Several trials were executed and after that, the idea started spreading in the US like a wildfire. By the end of the 1950s, everybody had access to their own creations hanging in their homes.

Revolution In The Modern Age

Today, the technique of paint by numbers has evolved but the approach is still the same. The only major difference is that it offers a wider range, with different challenging styles to paint. Paint by numbers has been a great tool for all of those people who are willing to learn how to paint and study art in general. This technique also helps relieve your stress and makes you feel accomplished and satisfied. Now even digital forms of paint by numbers have been introduced which allows you to have some fun and dedicate some time of your day to this entertaining painting technique. Several online tutorials have made it even easier for you to make some beautiful paintings.

Is It Hard To Paint By Numbers?

Not really, but if you are new to the process, then you might be concerned about whether you will be able to get it done or not. This is one of the most common fears shared by most people when they start trying this amazing technique. Several people even end up quitting. Paint by numbers has been quashed with these fears and has been making artistic approaches accessible to everyone. You do not need experience, and even then you can make some astonishing paintings.

The entire process of paint by numbers is extremely easy and simple. It is near too impossible to get it wrong, but there is always room for creativeness and improvement in everything. Welcome your own constructive criticism and keep on learning. One of the best things about these paintings is that the difficulty of these can vary. You can keep firming your creativity and challenge level. You can even keep trying the same painting with some different color schemes to practice your expertise and to feel more comfortable with the algorithm of this painting technique.

The Ultimate Guide To Painting By Numbers

Several brands have introduced painting and number kits like the paint by numbers kit by PaintingKits for all of us to practice this amazing painting technique. Let us have a keen look at some steps through which you can create your own masterpieces by using this fun art technique.

Choose A Painting

The very first key to get started is to choose a painting that you want to color in. There are thousands of images already available, and some brands even provide the services of developing custom paint by number patterns for your pictures. Choose a picture, and get started.

Make Your Own Artists Space

Every good artist needs a space to work in, and that place should be adequate enough to make things work well. Now that you have to paint your numbers, you need a good place to work too. Set up all the supplies you need at a single place to avoid all sorts of mishaps and to concentrate on the painting.

Read The Instructions

Be sure to read all the instructions carefully on the box, and ensure that you have understood all of them before you get started. These guidelines can vary from one another, and to avoid all sorts of misunderstandings, reading them closely is extremely necessary.

Paint By Numbers!

See? How easy it is to get started. Decide whatever approach you want to get started with, whether you want to start it from the left corner or the right corner. The foremost suggestion is to avoid smudging your work and avoid dragging your hand over the paint or else you will end up ruining your canvas,

Paint by numbers kits comes in many styles. It has made it easier for almost everyone to pursue their passion for painting. There is no doubt in saying that this technique has awakened the artists in people, and has assisted many in doing what they love. So, if you have not bought your numbering patterns and painting kit yet, then go and shop some now. Wake your inner artist up and get started!