All You Need To Know About Successful Marital Relationships


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There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage or the happiest marriage, as marital relationships have lots of peaks and troughs, but a marriage could be made successful by investing a lot of hard work, devotion, and time.

To succeed, martial relationships require sacrifices, compromises, commitments, and adjustments from both of their spouses.

Movies only feature the happy, romantic, fantasized aspect of the marriages, but the real adventure begins after the honeymoon period gets over. That’s when your marriage goes through the roller coaster ride of rough and tough days.

All you need to know about successful marital relationships is the series of key strategies crafted and recommended by professional marriage counselors to direct your marriage towards success.

Open and Healthy Communication

Communication is always the key to success, no matter what the relationship! It becomes difficult for spouses to communicate during conflicts but that’s where it becomes most important. While communicating, one should take care of his facial expressions and body language, should stay positive and listen to each other actively, without being disrespectful and judgemental.

Your communication shouldn’t be limited to a discussion over kids or daily chores, but you should invest time in knowing each other’s interests, hobbies, goals, feelings, views, and perspectives on different aspects of life. Both of the spouses should take turns while speaking and should be honest and respectful towards each other.

Positive, healthy, and open communication is the foundation of successful and healthy marital relationships. It allows you to perceive the love language of your spouse which is the secret to a happy marriage.

Building Trust

Trust doesn’t develop overnight but always takes time. It’s not built by fancy words or promises, but actions that ensure taking responsibility for each other’s actions. The more honest and loyal the spouses stay to each other, the more their trust strengthens and flourishes. It’s the basic building block of every marital relationship!

If the spouses can’t trust each other, they can’t rely on each other and there’ll always be some void left in their relationship.

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Forgiveness and Patience

The occurrence of conflicts and major mishaps a part of all marital relationships. Though such events hurt feelings and might sometimes cause irreversible damage, that’s where the trial of patience and love begins. Love requires patience, forgiveness, tolerance, and letting go of the mistakes of each other.

The key is to expect less, do more, stay patient, admit your faults, and keep forgiving each other. These things create a hugely positive and lasting impact on your relationship.

Intimacy is the Life of Marriage!

Physical Intimacy and sex is the prime need of marriage. Humans have sexual fantasies and they look up to their spouses to fulfill their sexual desires and needs. Couples need to communicate with each other about their sexual desires, explore different sexual orientations and activities, and cooperate. Regular sexual activities release hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and testosterone, all of which have a healthy positive impact on individuals. These also keep marital relationships healthy, satisfied, and alive.

Communication about intimacy is essential between spouses, as one of the partners might have a different sex drive or enjoy different positions or timings. Mostly the reason for emptiness in a marriage is unmet, unsatisfied, and sometimes forced sexual activities. Both partners should ensure that sex is enjoyable and fun for both, even if it means trying new things like strap on dildo and other sex tools. The more you spice your sex life up, the closer you will feel to your partner!

Never let the Romance Fade Away!

The honeymoon period of marriage is quite romantic, but with the passage of time and addition of responsibilities, the spouses often get busy and their romance fades away. Both spouses should make efforts to engage in romantic activities to keep the spark alive.

The old school romantic tactics like bringing flowers, date nights, candle night dinners, baking or cooking favorite dishes are still impactful. Frequent romantic gestures like kissing each other, holding hands, writing notes and love letters, frequent verbal confessions of love, physical touches like hugs and cuddles, and celebrating little moments to major events are essential for the longevity and happiness of marital relationships.

Practice Gratitude and Kindness

Couples could strengthen their relationship by expressing fondness and concern towards each other. Life’s not a bed of roses. There are harsh days too, when one of the partners might be struggling with job or finances or might not be doing well emotionally or physically, and that does affect the marital relationships. Under such circumstances, a person looks up to his/ her spouse for support and care.

Simple acts of kindness like making a cup of coffee, giving a warm hug, pressing or massaging the body after an exhausting day brings comfort and relief to your partner.

When your partner is struggling and failing in career, all he/she needs is a little acceptance and encouragement from the better half and so you must express gratitude towards his minor to major efforts, even their past acts too.

Being kind and grateful to each other even in the hardest days is the key to a successful marital relationship!

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Give Compliments

Appreciation, acknowledgment, and compliments between spouses flourish love and relationship. Complementing your partner’s attributes and appreciating their efforts to strengthen your relationship and brings happiness. It depicts the emotions of love and care!

Your daily dose of compliments encourages your spouse to put more effort, to trust you and also makes them confident and cheerful.

Avoiding and Managing Conflicts

Sometimes it’s not the major conflicts but a conflict over minor issues that leads to divorce. As a couple, both of the spouses know each other’s likes and dislikes, life’s preferences, and views. So, the very first approach should be to avoid conflicts, especially over minor issues. There’s no use of suggesting and discussing issues that you know your spouse wants to take care of on his own. Often, conflicts arise due to the lack of acceptance of differences of opinions. Both should learn to take different opinions and respectfully disagree.

However, conflicts do happen and their management is important for a healthy marriage. A conflict could be handled efficiently by:

  • Admitting faults and apologizing
  • Respecting each other’s perspective
  • Avoiding blame games and taking responsibility
  • Attentively listening to each other
  • While communicating, avoid distractions like Mobile phones or gadgets
  • Avoid raising the voice and making mean, sarcastic or judgemental comments
  • Controlling anger and emotions
  • Lastly and most importantly, avoid giving divorce threats

Keeping a marriage alive may sound like too much work when in reality, it really isn’t. All it takes is your utmost dedication, loyalty, and devotion, and you are good to go a long way!

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