Tips to Choose the Wig Style That Best Suits You

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In the modern era, nothing is really a problem as there is a solution to almost everything: You feel hungry but can’t go outside to fetch you some food? No problem – order it! You want to go somewhere, but no conveyance? Uber it! You got no big beautiful nails but wish to flaunt such? Acrylic nails are there for your rescue. Similarly, not liking your bald scalp and want to have hair on it—that too of your choice, wigs have got your back.

Wigs have now improvised so much that they do not look any different from original hair and others can’t really know if you are wearing one—but all it takes is to choose the wig that suits you best.

Are you wondering how? Well, we have put together some tips for you:

Stay Close To Your Natural Hair

If it is your first time trying out a wig then the pro tip is to stay close to your natural look. Select a wig style that doesn’t differ strikingly from your natural hair or it might make others doubt if you are wearing a hair-piece. [Many around you might be wearing one but you can’t be sure and that’s what the game of flaunting wigs is all about.]

Paying attention to choosing the right cap is important. It might seem rather insignificant to many. A wig must impart a natural look to your face. Besides, staying close to your natural look also makes maintenance and styling easier.

Consider The Shape of Your Face

Once you have dived into the world of wigs, you might want to get your hands on various wigs and try different looks but not every wig would look good on you and might ruin your ‘hair flaunting hack’ game. Your face shape has a lot to do with the style of wig you should opt for. It doesn’t call for many restrictions though, but few really need to be taken into consideration.

Go for the style that best integrates with your facial features and avoid those which might ruin your look. For example: For one having an oval-shaped face, off-the-face wigs are best or for someone who has a square-shaped face, curls or waves would look super gorgeous and go well with symmetrical facial features. Similarly, one having a round face needs to avoid chin-length hair.

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Opt For A Wig Colour That Will Suit You

There are a variety of hair dyes available, and so are different colored wigs. It might have happened with you at least once if you are a big fan of hair dyes, that you liked some color so much at the time of selecting, but it ended up looking not so good on you–in fact, it looked awful. The same goes for wigs! Go for the color which best compliments your face (skin color needs to be taken into consideration here).

Choose The Length Wisely

When it comes to selecting the length of a wig, you majorly have three sizes available: long, mid-length, and short. A little alteration in size is your choice though. Go for the wig length that compliments your face and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You will find a wig that suits you. You just have to look around. Whether you’re looking for bob wigs for black women or long wigs for models, you will surely find them without much trouble.

Ensure Your Comfort

The length of any wig would behave the same as the length of your original hair.

If you are in a hot region, long hair could be irritating while short hair would be super friendly. Besides, a wig too long might get loosened and keep getting displaced and falling off your scalp, whereas a wig too short might be very tight, leaving you uncomfortable. If you opt for a closure sew in wig, you will have to readjust it in about four weeks, because it gets uncomfortable with time.

If you are really used to it and know how to manage or you are not subjected to a challenging environment, then feel free to wear any size and style of hair-piece you want. However, if you are not used to wigs, always opt for a type of wig that does not cost you your comfort.

Always remember, your comfort level would have a direct impact on how natural and good the wig looks on you.

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Do Not Buy Just Because You Like Its Looks

If you liked a certain hairstyle on display or on someone, it might or it might not look as good as you are expecting it to on you. Choosing a wig should always be done after taking into consideration certain factors, including the need for your atmosphere, your facial features, the right size for your scalp, and everything that ends up enhancing your beauty without making you compromise on your comfort.