An Introduction to Online Slot Game

This is a suitable guide for the beginners who wants to know about online slot machines and how it works. A slot is a casino game of chance where a slot machine contains a set of reels and symbols. The player in this game has to spin the reel and wait for it to stop on winning combinations. The wins are determined depending on the position of symbols on the reel. Since this game is very popular it is known with several names such as pokies, fruit machines, one-armed bandits, etc. Read on to find out what else you need to know before you play an online slot game.

What is RNG in slots?

All slot machines have an RNG or random number generator that makes the combinations that are displayed on the reels. This generator has only one function and that is to send random numbers to the machine. Since the RNG works on its own and generates a random number that means when you are about to spin the slot, the slot machine already knows numbers to use as well as display them on the screen. This means you have no controls on the wins and that even if you spin thinking you will make winning combinations, still you cannot make wins every time, and it’s a pure luck game.

RTP and its function

RTP or return to player is present in all slot machines. Suppose the certain slot machine has RTP 96% which means the slot pays you back 96% of winning to the players. The RTP is calculated as the value dependent on the large number of turns you play. It is a theoretical value of much to be repaid to the player.

It is important for beginners to understand that RTP is calculated over the long term and so if the player spins and knocks out all the winning rounds then they can get RTP as shown on a slot machine. They can make a big profit with each spin but since slot machines get random numbers shown as sent by RNG that means it is not sure how much you can win over time.

Volatility in slots

Another thing in the slot is volatility or sometimes known as variance. Today in the slot machine world this term is known with various names such as by numbers or words, e.g. low, high or medium. Volatility means to pose risk however in the slots it is a slot setting to payout small or big profits. The slots which offer low volatility will give you small gains but more often whereas, a slot offering high volatility gives few profits but a large amount.

Payline in slots

A pay line in slots is a betting line or winning line which is the combination of symbols that makes wins. Online slot machines have more pay lines than traditional slot machines. And today pay lines are not only horizontal but they can be even zigzag or trapezium, etc. A common pay line is 25-30/slot and since today a lot of development has taken in slot games you can find different pay lines which lead to various bonuses, prizes, multipliers, or free spin. Also, today players can select a number of pay lines they want to play.

These were some terms that you needed to understand before playing online slot games.

Features of slot games

Wilds- in thousands of online slots, you can find this feature. Wilds are nothing but symbols that can help you substitute other symbols on the reel so as to help the player make winning combinations. Wilds cannot substitute for bonus icons or scatters. Wilds come with big jackpots of you line 5 symbols on payline.

Some of the types of wilds are- expanding wilds, stacked wilds, shifting wilds, and transferring wilds.

Scatters– scatters are bonus symbols that payout anything that lands on the reel. Scatters don’t have to be a part of the matching symbols on the pay line. A player can get little cash when two scatters hit, however, if they hit three scatters then it can offer them a huge bonus trail or a free spin or some special bonus.

Split symbols– this is a very famous feature in online slot machines. Split symbols consist of double icons which are displayed in a single space in the reel. Sometimes the wilds can act as split symbols as well as give you chance to win big money.

Types of slots available online

Multi-coin: these are a very popular type of slots they allow players to choose the number of pay lines they wish to play as well as coins they want to risk per line. Most slot players play coins every payline as it helps them not to miss any possible winning combination.

Multi-line: the predecessor to multi-coin, a multi-line machine although allows you to select pay line number however, there is one condition that is you can only wager one coin per line.

Buy-a-pay: another type of slot game is a buy-a-pay and in this, each extra coin wagered lets you make an extra winning combination. The accessibility of the combined influences the frequency of hits in this game, and the difference between 85 to 100% payback can be one coin. Therefore, it is advised to the players to risk maximum coins in this slot.

Straight multiplier: this slot allows players to activate all possible winning combinations using a single coin. And using additional coins will help you increase winning multipliers. This means if you use 3 coins it will pay you triple of a single coin and so on…

Therefore, these are the types of slot machine games and you can choose to play any of these games online. Different slots have different bonuses and one can claim these bonuses to get exciting rewards. Free spins are very commonly offered at any type of slot machine. Therefore, players can win various rewards. Now that you have learned a lot about online slot machines, you can also practice and play them. Just remember that it’s a game of chance so winning and losing are not in your hand.