Easy ways to earn money from CS:GO

Earning money through Counter-Strike – sounds like a dream come true for every CS:GO fan. Well, nowadays, it’s the reality. Thanks to the ever-expanding e-sport conglomerates and the digital item market, everyone can get a piece of this pie. If you’re already spending hours on CS:GO, why not get something out of it? Check out our brief list of ways of turning Counter-Strike: Global Offensive into a source of income.

Skin trading

One of the best ways of making a quick buck through CS:GO is skin trading. The skin market that rose along the game’s embedded digital item trading system connects thousands of players from all around the world. The premise is simple; it always has been – buy cheap and sell dear. The CS:GO skin market works a little bit like the stock market, meaning that the prices of certain skins can rise or drop quite fast. However, you’re still bound to make some money by simply selling off the skins you earned while playing.

Here are some methods of getting CS:GO skins:

  • random community and official server drops,
  • promo crates,
  • trading a couple of skins for a higher value one,
  • receiving skins by competing in prized tournaments and matches.

If you’re serious about turning those hard-earned skins into hard cash, check out Skinwallet – a platform dedicated to just that which will surely suit all your CS:GO needs. It works exceptionally well for those seeking to sell CSGO skins for cash simply and effectively.

Competitive Play

This might be a tough one, but if you happen to be good enough to be playing with the big fish, you can take your chances in tournaments that offer cash prizes. CS:GO is still reaching new heights of popularity, so tons of small-time amateur tournaments provide cash prizes for their competitors.

Chances are you’re not up to that level – you wouldn’t be reading this guide if you were. But just so you know, becoming a pro can lead to financial stability for years to come. As with any other sport that garners the attention of millions of people from all over the world, the big league players can count on regular salaries that will be more than enough to keep them satisfied. The best players out there can even earn six-figure sums with all the corporate sponsorships coming through during important international events. And that’s not even counting the prize money from possible tournament wins.

Afterward, there’s the possibility of becoming a coach. Many new players striving to get better will gladly pay a pro to show them the ropes. If you think you are up to teaching, there are tons of sites that will happily accept and sell your online courses. With such lump sums on the horizon, you bet Counter-Strike coaches are in high demand.

Online Streaming

If you have the skills or just enough charisma to make people stuck at the screen for long enough, you could try your luck with online streaming. Passionate gamers tend to gather a following that can be turned into a nice profit. If you’re not camera-shy, you can give the old tube a go and try getting some donations. Better yet, you might even land a sponsorship or a sweet ad deal.

Online betting

As with any other sport, or E-sport for that matter, there is a possibility of earning some money through betting. CS:GO is no exception, and if you’re feeling frisky, you can try turning a coupon or two into big bucks, should lady luck happen to be on your side.

Of course, you should avoid getting into betting without adequate knowledge. Make sure you choose the best betting sites available and research the teams you’re betting on. It’s risky, but if you know your stuff, you can quickly fill your pockets.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is massive in terms of the fan following and money invested into the brand. With such global recognition, it would be impossible not to find a way to make actual money with it. Nowadays, various venues offer numerous possibilities of earning cash through digital market media. With just a click of a button, you can become a part of this enormous enterprise and start filling your pockets while doing what you love.