Being a Student Is a Privilege – So Many Coupons on All Sorts of Products

A student is in a very important phase of his/her life. The person is officially a learner, and that is the most important part of his/her identity in this phase. When the child is a student, parents also give leverage to the child so that he/she can fully concentrate on the studies. Mothers don’t expect the daughters to help them out in the domestic chores because they want the daughters to study well. Likewise, sons are given time and space to study. A student just has to study well. Even though the outcome of hard work solely benefits the student in the long run, yet everyone cooperates to let the learner reach his/her optimal potential.

Talking about cooperation, it’s not limited to parents and instant family of a student, but many brands also give special privileges to a student in the form of discounts and coupons. Some of the brands that offer discount coupons to learners include Nike, Zappos, RedBubble, Puma, and Reebok. Discounts for students range from 15% to more than 50%. Some brands offer straight concessions while others offer such deals as an item free on the purchase of an item.

Top Products that Regularly Give Discounts to Students

While discount coupons for students is a generic concept, and the coupons can be found on all sorts of things, certain product lines consistently offer discount coupons to learners. They include retail, technology, entertainment, and travel agencies. One element which is common across all these products and services is that they are especially appealing to students. In other words, students are their prime consumers.

Retail brands almost always offer discounts to students. That’s because their products are especially appealing to the young generation. Teenagers like to buy fancy T-shirts and trendy jewelry to look fashionable and classy. The best part of the deal is – the discounts are not only available on shopping in stores, but you can also use the same discounts while shopping online. Just go to the website of the brand you want to buy the product from and see discount percentages reflected on all items for students.


Take retail brands, for example. From Dockers to Alex & Ani, students get discounts on all sorts of products, including clothes and jewelry. This is a very good marketing strategy that benefits both the sellers and consumers. Brands make more money because students, being the prime target market of the products, are attracted by the discounted prices. Even though the products sell at a lower price than originally established for them, yet higher sales make the overall business more profitable for the brands than when they don’t offer discounts.

Technology making companies keep students at the forefront of their list of consumers. That’s because students need technology for developing portfolios, getting homework help from websites like royalessays, and searching for internships and jobs. Coupons help the students save a great deal of money. Most purchases at Apple offer the students at least 5% discounts. The Education pricing of Apple enables students to save nearly $200 while buying a new iPad or a new Mac. Likewise, full-time students qualify for up to 60% concessions on Creative Cloud on Adobe.

Keep Track of the Prices and Don’t Let Them Dodge You

Even though many brands offer coupons to students, yet the prices of all of them are not trustworthy. A student can only benefit from the coupons and discount schemes when he/she knows that the original prices shown on the items are genuine. Some brands tend to change the original prices while offering discounts – they raise the original rates so that the discounted prices after application of the discount percentages wouldn’t be substantially lower than the original prices.

As a student, if you want to benefit from the discount coupons, you must regularly check out the items and their prices of the brands you are interested in. Fortunately, we live in the times when checking out the latest designs and prices is just a few clicks away from us. Almost every brand with global fame and attention is available online, and their rates can be checked regularly. So keep checking the prices, especially of the items you want to buy.


Take Advantage of Special Discount Times and Opportunities

When you learn about all these discounts and coupons, one question that comes to mind is, “do the discounts stay the same all year long or they spike up at special times?” The answer is, “yes, the coupons increase the percentages of discounts around special times of a year.” All brands, whether they are retail or technology-based, offer more discounts around the end of a year, at Christmas times, and also on Halloween parties. They want to boost their sales, knowing that students will buy things, especially at these times. So if you want to buy a new phone, better wait a few days if Christmas is near. Check the best student discounts.

What to Do If You Don’t See Any Discounts When You Want to Buy?

Occasionally, you may not see a discount on anything you see. That’s when you should reach out to the store manager and enquire, particularly about the student coupons. Chances are – the store already offers discounts, but it has just now shown them on the items. But even if that’s not the case, many popular brands consider granting discounts on requests, particularly when the buyers are students. It’s an aspect of their corporate social responsibility. They want to establish good public relations, and giving coupons to students is a potential way of achieving that.

Make the Most of Your Money as a Student

Only those who don’t know of this great privilege remain deprived of availing it as students. Now that you have read this article, it’s time to go out and specifically look for discounts on things you want to buy. Browse online or go to stores and get the best value for your money now.