The E-Boy Outfit Styles


Thanks to TikTok, eboys, and egirls are the new viral style to go for. As for their style, they mix elements of punk, emo, gothic, grunge, and metal with colorful accessories and sometimes provocative lingerie. Piercings and tattoos are just as popular as colorful braided hair or exaggerated make-up, which in combination with image filters gives an almost anime-like look. Take a look at what tattoos mean; especially the star tattoo meaning. Although e-people place so much emphasis on appearances, their presence is almost exclusively online. TikTok and Instagram are a showcase for the second personality, which in real life often disappears behind normal clothes and everyday duties.

Essentially, you are on the right track as an aspiring eboy if you go for the 90s boy-band look paired with grunge and gothic elements, such as chains and metal adornments. Make sure to color your hair black or in any other color, which expresses your inner softness the best. True Eboy style incorporates far more than just your clothing. It is truly a lifestyle. So much so that you’ll notice most guys sport the same long, flowy hairstyle. It’s also popular among the trend’s followers to bleach or color your hair— likely a result of the trend’s K-Pop influences. You’ll find many with platinum, pastel blue or light green locks. An emerging trend amongst the edgiest of Eboys has been dubbed ‘Cruella Devil hair’, and involves dying only half of your head and leaving the other half natural.

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How about some makeup or at least something for the nails. Black nail polish could be a great addition to your look, don’t be shy to mix it up a little. Striped tops, horror, or anime prints are always a safe bet for shirts. Oversized will always do, feel free to experiment with slim fit t-shirts as well. Anything relaxed fit can be paired up perfectly with long sleeves underneath. Dressing like an eboy means accessorizes liberally with chain belts and jewelry, beanies, chunky rings, and pierced ears.

Their footwear has a lived-in feel, often a pair of beat-up Vans or Converse, with which they almost always wear white tube socks. Doc Martens or black leather oxfords also fit into the aesthetic quite well. Eboy outfits mix elements of both casual and formal dressing. The right mix is all that counts. Should you not be in the right mood for playing dress up on your own, book a high class escort girl in Hamburg to assist you with finding the right style. She will surely bring out the best in you and find the perfect look for you.

The foundational elements of an Eboy wardrobe are oversized tops and cuffed pants. While most clothing is solid colored, they incorporate a few pieces with wide stripes and checkerboard prints as well. They often experiment with mixing prints and colors together in unexpected combos— often by layering a short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve. Perhaps you could top it all off with necklaces and eye-catching rings. Don’t be afraid to add an earring or two.

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