Best Jewellery stores in Australia 2022

Feeling lost and anxious because of all those jewelry shops? We’ve got you covered, buddy, and published a list of the finest companies in Australia:

GS Diamonds Jewellers Are Here to Make Your Day

GS Diamonds Jewellery is the most reputable family-owned business in the country. The company is a member of a prestigious Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) and has won numerous awards for best rings designs over the past years.

GS house is built on core human values; it brings joy and happiness to lovebirds, parents, and children alike. It started as a small project of two dreamers: Julia and Tony. The couple shared a passion for stones and yearned to work in the jewelry industry. As Tony once commented: “I simply love diamonds. I mean, I love everything about them. I want to play a part in their creation and to bring these little wonders of nature to everyone.”

Since then GS Diamonds have grown a lot, but fundamental principles have remained the same. The company continues to manufacture top-class diamonds certified by the most trusted institution in the world – GIA. Plus, it provides you with a team of experts ready to lend a hand at the first request.

Because of dedicated artisans and inspired designers, GS Diamonds showcase unique collections for every taste. Whether you decide to go for a cute rose gold ring or dainty tennis bracelet, your beloved will appreciate smart touch and a one-of-a-kind look. If you want to personalize your accessory more, there is the “craft your band” option. Co-create with professionals and fulfill your wildest dreams. With their team, your present is in capable hands.

More can be said, but it’s better to see exquisite collections with your own eyes. Don’t hesitate and visit the GS Diamond store or website.

Tiffany & Co. Quality Above Everything

The reputation of the Tiffany & Co brand precedes it. Most ladies wish to get sparkling brilliants in a legendary blue box for Christmas or birthdays. But if you decide to step up your game and propose with an ENGAGEMENT ring, tears of joy are bound to drop.

What makes the company so special, you ask:

First of all, the unparalleled skill. Their craftsmen cut diamonds and gems to the highest standards and carefully inspect the final product.

Secondly, the infinite assortment. Tiffany and Co display hundreds of jewelry pieces and regularly add new ones.

Thirdly, the fascinating website. You can’t help but fall for their beautiful presentation. Soothing tones, striking captions, and bright descriptions are difficult to resist: HardWear (to capture the spirit of New York), Paper Flowers (balance between tender femininity and industrial modernity), 1837 (return to the past: sleek and refined collection).

If you grew tired of traditional white diamonds and plain shapes, check out these brands that mesmerize with their authenticity and come without Tiffany’s pricey tag:

Midas Jewellery

Midas Jewellery made a name for themselves with harmoniously blended colored diamonds, magnificent gemstones, unconventional shapes, and matching sets:

– Want to actualize the Little Mermaid romance? Explore charming pearls and fiery rubies.

– Pious partner? There is a befitting collection of cross pendants. Commemorate your holy union and buy her this modest caring gift to protect her from evils.

– Looking for wedding rings for him and her? The company will dazzle you with a wide range and attractive price. Select mixed or separate metals, adorned or simplistic bands, polished or hammered finishes – these rings will touch your soul.

Diamonds International

The combination of pink, white and yellow diamonds is the company’s heart. Colored ensemble in engagement rings enchants with its flair and pops compared to customary see-through items. With three jewelry stores in Brisbane, Diamonds International offer one of the largest collections of loose stones, meaning you get to inspect every diamond thoroughly for any flaws.

The company owes its success to the founder. In 1969 he set on a journey to source the top-notch diamonds, and his long travels led him to Australia. The significant connections he made allowed to buy the best at value prices and pass that value to you.

Armans Jewellery

Armans Jewellery is the number one company in terms of creativity. Here you can purchase personalized jewelry (letter pendants, initial earrings, and bracelets, name necklaces), zodiac, and pearlescent spectrum collections. Love their pieces but seeking something truly exclusive? Enquire about the custom jewelry service and forge the masterpiece together! Armans will be your supporters on the journey in designing.

Fun history lesson: at the head of the expert team stands Arman Arzumanian, a man you can proudly call a born jeweler. From the tender age of 12, Arman knew his calling. His whole family was involved in the jewelry business; no wonder he picked over their passion. Arman became known as a highly-skilled setter. In 1987 he finally established his own company and shared the ruling reins with his sons.

Perhaps you seek more low-key jewelry shops. We believe that the following variants deserve your attention:

Monroe Yorke Diamonds

At Monroe Yorke Diamonds, you’ll discover intriguing necklaces and earrings (like galaxy pendant or angel wings ear studs), subtle bracelets and bangles, contemporary dress rings, and elegant wedding bands. Every item possesses multi-faceted quality and is the result of the meticulous work of many professionals.

Monroe Yorke has formed a serious client base across the 25 years of their existence. They have gained a reputation as a trusted and reliable seller on the Australian market. All their diamonds are conflict-free and GIA-certified. You can even purchase the latest fad of the season – a black diamond.

Janai Jewellery

Although Janai Jewellery is a relatively new business, they have already taken their place in the sun. They became popular because of the individual approach. Janai makes it their responsibility to ensure the best service. The company is all about putting clients’ needs first. Their friendly consultants carefully listen to what you have to say and help you reach an informed decision and buy the desired jewel.

Diamond Exchange

Diamond exchange opened its doors in 2000. Since then, their mission has been to provide their customers with excellent service and exceptional craftsmanship. After launching the website, their sales skyrocketed. The platform was practical and easy to scroll through. Diamond exchange surprises its clients with cutting-edge video technologies. One can view precious stones in the highest quality and rotate them by 360 degrees. The line between online and in-store shopping can finally be crossed.