Best Russian tobacco shisha Dubai

Russian brand Must Have Tobacco was founded in the summer of 2017. It has been a relatively recent invention. In such a short period of time, tobacco has gained popularity worldwide due to its high quality, variety of delicious flavors, and affordable price. This is why Must Have Tobacco is so highly sought after. Russian shisha tobacco Dubai is very popular and highly valued by hookah enthusiasts.

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Although shisha cafes in Dubai are extremely popular, most hookah tobaccos grown locally are of medium quality. They are too weak, have an insufficiently strong aroma and taste, and can often be described as “chemical”. Everything is better with the Russian brand Must Have. Let’s now talk about Must Have Tobacco.

Russian Must Have Tobacco also has a low price. You can find tobacco in many Dubai shisha shops, or you can order shisha online. Online shopping for Shisha tobacco is a great way to save money and to try out different flavors before you buy.

Best Russian tobacco – Must Have Tobacco

Must Have is certainly young on the international market. The company started producing tobacco at the Pogarskaya Cigarette Factory, Russia, in 2017. This company was first introduced to the public at the Johncalliano Fest, Moscow’s largest hookah festival. That’s when the Must Have brand was born. They immediately attracted attention to their products and gained the first fans.

A must-have tobacco made from burley tobacco leaves, seven varieties. The tobacco is dried, then subjected to natural fermentation in the open air. This gives it a unique softness, lightness, and natural sweetness. Burley, the best blend of tobacco for hookah gives the tobacco a unique natural taste.

Product benefits

* Natural and premium quality without liquid nicotine. This makes the product completely safe for your health and safety.

* A wide range of delicious flavors and aromas almost unremarkable from real pineapple, cherry cola, cherry wine, or raspberry. There are no chemical additions.

* Well-designed packaging. Many hookah brands don’t care about the packaging of their products. The main thing is that it is affordable and draws customers with its bright label. The Must Have was attentive to customers and released their product in a stylish and convenient jar. The special lid lets you smell the product before buying it. This is a lot more convenient than standard bags that can only be opened after purchase.

* Customers don’t need to worry about the original quality because the tobacco is only available as an excise product.

Must Have Tobacco is long-lasting, well-balanced tobacco that can be smoked for a long time with delicious flavors, natural tobacco, strength, and balance. This love and reputation are well-deserved.

Hookah must-have flavors

Must have shisha’s main selling point is its bright, juicy flavors. There are about 30 flavors in the line, which will surprise even the most seasoned smokers.

Producer himself recommends that you start with your tobaccos from the best flavors like:

* Must-have melonade — A classic summer mix that combines ripe melon slices with watermelon juice, and sweet aftertastes of barberry on exhale.

* Must Have Feijoa — a sweet, slightly tart, tropical flavor that is perfect for fans of feijoa.

This is a must-have for smokers in Dubai. Natural pineapple flavor with no chemical flavor. It smells like juicy pineapple slices in sugar syrup. It is sweet, light, and delicious.

* Cookie Must Have — The warm, pleasant flavor of creamy chocolate chips cookies that every child loved as a kid. Cookies must have beautiful shisha variants.

* Cherry Cola Must Have –The classic Coca-Cola flavor with hints from ripe cherries. Enjoy long-lasting aromas and a rich flavor.

Nakhla hookah tobacco in Dubai

The history of the brand began in 1913 in Egypt. In the 1980s, the company launched a full-fledged production, and in 2013 the brand was bought by a Japanese tobacco company. Throughout its existence, Nakhla hookah tobacco has undergone many changes, from appearance to smoking characteristics and packaging. After the acquisition of the company by Japanese investors, new flavors appeared, the composition of a number of tobaccos was changed. Thanks to the changes in the policy of the company, the brand started to be imported into new markets, such as UAE. Nakhla tobacco Dubai is presented in one taste, but thanks to the online ordering at online stores such as Get-shisha-Dubai, it is possible to choose a wide range of flavors of this tobacco.

Nakhla is a high-quality blend of several types of tobacco with natural flavors, various flavors, and honey. It does not use a lot of glycerin – it is quite dry tobacco. It has a uniform composition and good impregnation. The product has more moisture than classic tobaccos, but is not too soaked. Nakhla smokes great, the smoke is thick and fragrant, the taste is persistent and rich.

The manufacturer has several lines of Nakhla tobacco. The Classic line, Sheherazade, El Bascha, El Nakhla, Nakhla Mizo, Fakhfakhina and Mix. Each line stands out for its unique flavor and different strength. And in stores where these tobaccos are sold, the variety of flavors and aromas just confuse the eyes. Let’s understand what these lines are and which tobacco is better to buy.

The difference between Nakhla and Must have tobaccos

Nakhla tobacco is highly heat-resistant, which makes it much easier to score and allows you to use more charcoal. Remove small debris from the tobacco mixture, take a clay bowl or a turkey (there is no point in using a silicone bowl because silicone conducts heat much worse, so the heat resistance of Nakhla will not allow the tobacco to warm up).

Fluff the tobacco into the bowl. You can allow a slight touch with the cauldron. Nakhla is smoked comfortably and without overheating on 3 coals of 25 mm, and for heating, you can use 4 charcoal or cover the bowl with a cap.

The smoke from Nakhla tobacco is very thick, rich flavor of different spices and fruits, the taste is bright and persistent, the taste of Must Have is more solid and bright.