Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom

What is green hulu kapuas kratom?

The green Hulu Kapuas kratom is the cultivation of the Kapuas river. The area is remoteness which makes the harvesting of Hulu kratom difficult. The Hulu Kapuas is the rarest type of kratom and its availability is difficult. This kratom strain is available in different colors like; white vein kratom, red vein kratom, green vein kratom, and yellow vein kratom.

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The Hulu kratom contains some amount of alkaloids, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, and mitragynine. The compound present in this kratom, makes it work as pain relief and reduces stress in a person. There are the most consisting compounds present in the kratom.

Some other alkaloids that are found in green Hulu Kapuas are mentioned as under;

  • Paynantheine
  • Speciogynine
  • Mitraphylline
  • Ajmalicine

These different alkaloids are present in this kratom strain in different quantity which depends on the type of kratom you choose and want to experience what effects.

Effects of green Hulu kratom:

Green Hulu kratom has many different benefits and effects on people.

  • Green Hulu kratom helps to reduce pain. This kratom strain is mostly used as a pain killer. Many other strains also provide the same benefits, but this green Hulu strain is more effective and works best on mild pains and aches.
  • This helps to reduce back pain and deep nerve pain as compared to red vein strain. This kratom type is not heavy and sedating like red vein kratom and maeng da kratom. a green Hulu Kapuas kratom works best as a mild pain killer.
  • A person, after taking a dose of green Hulu kratom, experience a high focus and concentration during his working hours. It helps a person to stay more devoted to his work for a long time. And if someone wants to get long time effects, it is recommended to take the dose on empty stomach.
  • The green Hulu kratom provides a person with a boost his energy level and also he can experience clear and high productivity in his work. A person stays motivated to his work and responsibilities. Many people claimed that they stays in the zone and concentrated after its usage.


Few things are needed to be kept in mind at the time of taking green Hulu kratom is that;

  • Must evaluate your weight and size
  • Consider that either you are taking this strain in an empty or full stomach
  • Access your tolerance level because the effects may be higher if a high dose is taken.
  • It is suggested for new users to take a minimum dose at the start and gradually increase the dosage. But at first, it is recommended to take less dose and later it can be increased according to the desired results you want to obtain.
  • Few tips are suggested for people experiencing different problems such as;
  1. People having moderate body pain – can take up to 3-8 grams.
  2. For pain relief – it can be taken 5-14 grams.
  3. For energizing and stimulating effects – it can be taken up to 2-6 grams
  4. To get sedative effects – it is suggested to take 8-10 grams.

The dose completely depends on the amount a person can easily digest at the time and experience he wants to obtain. But if the quantity of dose is very low, the results are not much visible.