Best T-Shirt Colors for Summer 2021

Whether you’re one of those guys who love color in their wardrobe or a staunch conservative married to a black-navy-grey color palette, summer is a great time to experiment.

With the warm (or sizzling hot) weather comes the time to let loose, relax, and enjoy fun and exciting things like playing with fashion, for example.

And while not everyone has the desire or the budget to buy the latest runway items, most guys can easily add some color with a simple tee!

A colorful t-shirt will not just look less dull. It will also signal to the world that you’re fun and ready for an adventure. The only thing to take into consideration is your complexion. Otherwise – the sky’s the limit!

And if you’re out of ideas, here are the best t-shirt colors for summer 2021.

Millennial pink

It may not sounds super masculine, but who writes the rules? And who follows them anymore? Pink may have been seen as an ultra-feminine color a couple of decades ago, but those days are over!

Guys are embracing all kinds of fun fashion ideas, and you should embrace them too!

The Millennial pink (named after rebellious Millennials, according to The Guardian) covers such tones as salmon, rose, peach and blush, so relax; we’re not talking about bright neon lights here.

Wear a washed-out pink tee with baggy jeans, cargo shorts, or classic denim for a casual day out, or don a relaxed blazer on top for a nice dinner out.

When it comes to skin tone, pink may not be the best choice for gingers or guys who haven’t had a tan in a long while.

Mint green

While there’s nothing groundbreaking about pastels for spring, the mint green color feels super fresh in 2021.

And it’s the perfect choice for guys who want something different but are not really into bright and popping colors.

A muted mint green tee will look great with beige trousers or shorts for a hot summer day out in the city.

We also like a mint green Polo as it stands out from the sea of blues and pinks.

Sky blue 

Soft sky blue is the perfect color choice for a t-shirt when you don’t want to wear white, but also don’t want to overthink it.

It’s a calming color that works great for summer and looks perfect paired with simple blue or beige denim. Throw on a patterned scarf on top if you want to add a twist, and you’re ready for a poetry reading at the park.

One thing to remember here is always to choose a high-quality t-shirt to ensure you look classy and not like a 12-year old on vacation in Disneyland. Brands like Fresh Clean Tees have great options and color combinations whether you love V-necks, crewnecks, or Henleys.

Sage green

Another great and super versatile t-shirt color for summer 2021 is sage grey. It’s one of those magical colors that pair well with pretty much anything else, so you will need to think too hard about which trousers or blazer to add to the outfit.

Sage green is also an excellent option for those who love green but don’t think they can pull it off. It’s like a compromise!

Our favorite look is light jeans, a sage tee, and a white baseball cap. Add sleek white leather sneakers are all eyes are on you!

If you want a little pop, add some deeper colors to the mix, e.g. navy or burgundy.


Many people are afraid of yellow, and that’s probably because we’ve all had some yellow outfit in our teenage years that traumatized us.

It doesn’t have to be this way! This beautiful sunny color works so well in a t-shirt for the summer. You only have to get the hue right.

While some people can pull off bright yellows, it’s best to stay with toned-down colors just in case or go for deep mustard.

It also looks better when paired with other bright color bottoms like beiges, whites, or washed-off blue jeans. Deep black, brown, or reds could make the whole outfit look too harsh.


Another one of those colors that most guys would never think to wear. We get it, but a washed-off, pastel purple tee can create a mystery like no other color can!

Purple also symbolizes creativity, so if you need a little bit of inspiration, it’s here for the taking!

Lastly, the light purple color is everywhere in 2021 (in a good way). You can easily pair your pastel purple tee with white or pale blue jeans or patterned pants if you’re feeling playful (these are in too).

Light grey 

According to Marie Claire, soft grey is the ideal warm-weather palette cleanser. We couldn’t agree more! When you’re tired of all the bright colors and want to just chill, put on this classic tee, a pair of good ol’ blue jeans, and..that’s it! That’s the outfit.

Light grey tee, of course, will work with pretty much anything else too, and there lies its longevity and popularity.


Yes, “neutral” isn’t really a color, but this description encompasses all those natural shades of white, grey, stone, beige, and others.

You might have seen Gen-Z wearing full-on neutral outfits with monochrome tees and sweats, but you don’t have to go that far.

Wear your neutral tee with your favorite jeans or chinos, and add some accessories to make it more exciting. We love a leather bracelet, long pendant, or a soft scarf when it’s not too hot out.


Okay, let’s go back to the summer colors of 2021. If you don’t have an orange t-shirt, you should seriously consider getting one, as it’s absolutely trending in menswear.

We recommend treading carefully here, though, and opting for a washed-out version of orange as it will work better for most skin colors and will be easier to style.

We love an oversize orange tee with skinny jeans or baggy trousers for that laid-back summer look.

Lastly, while orange is the color to try this year, don’t overdo it and leave the monochrome look for fashion runways!