Best ways to display enamel pins

Since childhood, I am interested in collecting different kinds of pins. Now, I feel like I have a bunch of pin collections that are of no worth at all. But wait, I am wrong; my pin collection will not waste up as I found some of the useful ideas to display enamel pins.

Enamel Pins

If you also have a great pin collection, you can use these ways to display pins effectively. Using different pennants or stands and boards, your collection will end up in a unique design. Apart from that, you can simply hang different pieces of colorful fabric having pins over them. Or else you can fix them on the wooden boxes, photo frames, or your glass screens.

You must be thinking, why would someone display enamel pins on these places, right? Well, using different places to display your collection adds up the value of that thing as well as increases the importance of your collection.

The Best Ways to Display Enamel Pins

Wall Hanging Display Banner

As it clearly shows from the name itself, you can use small banners no longer than standard-sized paper. On this paper banner, you can display some of the pins in a particular order. Once you successfully display pins on the banner, you can now put them on the wall using nails.

You can add buttons, badges, medals, pins, broaches, and earrings. It can be a perfect gift to someone who loves such kinds of artistic things.

Display Some to Your Beanie

Your outfit has enough space to display an enamel pin collection. Whether you like to wear a beanie or hat, putting some of the pins can enhance the beauty of your outfit. As the weather starts to cool down, you put out warm old clothes. Displaying enamel pins on your old beanie, cap or hat would be a great idea. You can add the small pins on the side edges of the beanie, whereas for bigger pins, you can use the top of your hat.

You will see people unpremeditatedly ask you about the pins you put on. This is the time to share the history and your love for those pins with others.

Garnish Your Bag

Decorating your bag is another great option to display your collection of enamel pins. Usually, kids put badges and buttons on their bags to showcase their excitement. Whatever purpose your bags are serving, you can put a few custom made enamel pins onto them. It is an awesome idea because bags have much more space, and you can simply put on lots of pins as per your choice.

Displaying pins on the bag would not stretch or damage the fabric material of the bag. So, you don’t need to be worried about such things. Bags are made of highly sturdy material; that’s why they can bear your pin collection easily.


If you want something to display your collection permanently, cork boards are one of the greatest ideas. With cork boards, you can easily move the setting of your displayed pins according to your color choice or any other factor. Usually, cork boards are present at most office supply stores; however, you can make some of your own as well.

Using your artistic mind, you can craft up boards by cutting them into different shapes. If you don’t know how to make boards, you can buy some online.

Lamp Shades

Lampshades are not something to display your pin collection. However, you can still put some of the pins on them. Woven fabric lampshades can serve as an interesting display design. Displaying pins using the lampshades lets you showcase your interior designing characteristic as well.

Lamps lit up your rooms, and pins on the lampshades can add up the beauty of your lamps. Don’t forget to fair play with the lampshade while putting enamel pins because a haphazard display of pins can give an ugly look as well as the shade does not spread equally.

Embroidery Hoop

It can be an amazing wall decoration idea. Using an embroidery hoop and some fabric, you can stretch the fabric around the hoop and place it tightly. Now, trim the extra fabric, and your hoop is ready to display a couple of pins.

You can put enamel pins all around the edges, or else you can decide on a color theme before displaying the pins. Choose a different color to display in the center and another color for the boundary. Once it is completed, you can hang it on the wall. Try making a couple of embroidery hoops and let them showcase your artistic taste.

Pin Cushions

Pincushions are used for pins, right?

What else you want? You need an idea to display your pins, and pincushions are there for you. You can reuse those cushions to give crafty designs while displaying enamel pins.

Now, you have enough ideas to use for displaying your collection of enamel pins. Choose any of them and make it happen!